George Ciucu was born 12 July 1927 in Cristian, Brașov, Romania and died 15 February 1990 Bucharest, Romania of unspecified causes.

George Ciucu (b. 12 July 1927 , Cristian, Brasov - d. 15 February 1990, Bucharest) was a Romanian communist, [1] mathematician, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy , general secretary of this organization (1974-1990). George Ciucu was a student of Octav Onicescu and Gheorghe Mihoc. He worked in the areas pf probability theory, statistics or game theory and mathematical expectation.


George Ciucu graduated from Andrei Șaguna high school in Brașov and in 1946 entered as a student at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Science, Mathematics Department, graduating in 1948.

In 1950 he was appointed assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Bucharest, in 1956 and was promoted lecturer in 1958 became a lecturer. In 1957 he defended his PhD entitled "Ergodic properties of chains with complete connections."

In 1951 he was appointed secretary to the department of mathematics at the Romanian Academy, in 1959 became scientific secretary and in 1962 was promoted to deputy scientific secretary, holding this position until 1964.

In June 1959 he attended the Second Conference on Information Theory in Liblice, Czechoslovakia. Also in 1959 George Ciucu and Gheorghe Marinescu attended the Conference on Statistic in Magdeburg, Germany.

In 1961-1962, for 8 months, special courses at the University of Rome, especially lectures by Bruno of Finetti. At this time he also presented lectures in his speciality, the theory of probabilities. In 1962 he attended the Congress of Mathematical Economics in Budapest.

In 1963 he attended the Seventh Conference of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, in Tbilisi, in the USSR. In September 1965 attended the 35th Session of the International Institute of Statistics in Belgrade.

From December 1964 appointed rector at the University of Bucharest, from 1 October 1966 Professor Department of calculating probabilities along (head of Gh Mihoc Cathedral). Later he was appointed rector of the University of Bucharest. For another period of time, Professor George Ciucu, general secretary of the Academy, was the Ambassador of Romania in Belgium. In 1974, George was a member of Ciucu the Romanian Communist Party Central Committee. [2]


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Offspring of George Ciucu and Doina Maria Ciucu
Name Birth Death Joined with
Cristian Ion Gheorghe Ciucu (1953-2011)
Anton Alexandru Ciucu (1954)



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