Geertje Jans
Sex: Female
Birth: before 1625
Death: after 1652
New York (state), United States
Spouse/Partner: Casper Springsteen (c1616-bef1652)
Marriage: before 1640
Children: Joost Casperse Springsteen (c1640-1729)
Johannes Casperse Springsteen (c1642-1693)
Melchior Casperse Springsteen (c1644-aft1714)
Barbara Casperse Springsteen (c1650-1711)

Birth[edit | edit source]

Geertje was born in the Netherlands. Her parents are unknown.

Marriage to Casper Springsteen[edit | edit source]

Geertje married Casper Springsteen (c1616-bef1652) prior to 1640 in the Netherlands.

Children by Casper Springsteen[edit | edit source]

The following are the known children of Casper and Geertje.

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