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| Surname = Gandosso
| Image = [[File:GANDOSSO.gif|thumb|326px]]<!--Image, such as coat of arms, goes here.-->
| Origin = <!--Country(ies) or region(s) of origin-->
| Meaning = <!--What it means (brief word or phrase)-->
| Variant1 = <!--Variants; these link to existing or proposed categories-->
| Variant2 =
| Variant3 =
| Variant4 =<!-- add variants 5, 6, 7, or any other number in the same way
(within reason) -->
<!--After that template, a more detailed description/history of the surname.-->
==Individuals with that surname but no separate page==
:(''List them here and someone can create pages when there's enough detail'')
==See also==
:(''other relevant pages on Familypedia'')
==External links==
:(''relevant pages on other sites'')

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