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We have very few pages of the form 1875 in New Zealand. Wikipedia has thousands of them that we can copy and adapt. Until our SMW is 100% functional and most users can create "ask" queries without blinking, we can adapt those pages for at least two genealogical functions.

1875 in New Zealand shows how we add genealogical events. Before we devise templates to make it easier to apply to all such pages, suggestions for improvements should be offered here.

1863 in New Zealand is a complete copy from WP with a valuable genealogical external link added: a list of names and addresses of men who applied to be on an electoral roll in the Wellington Region. We could also have internal links to pages that display census results etc, but they could be better listed under the matching category.

Please, if creating a page of that form, be prepared to preview it and create every red-linked category, so that our experts on minimizing the number of wanted categories don't get unwanted work offered to them. Copy the categories from WP just as for any other page - and preview them for the same purpose. Don't worry about red-linked templates: just let them sit there and we can create them when we feel like it.

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 13:11, August 17, 2014 (UTC)