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Wednesday, we will be launching two new features: Wiki Blogs and the User Masthead

Wiki blogs are a new way for you and your community to contribute to your wiki. Wiki blogs are similar to normal blogs in that posts are attributed to a single author, are time stamped, and have a comment section. The wiki twist is that all posts are combined together into a central community blog or multiple blogs defined by category. Blog posts and comments are recorded in the Blog namespace and are logged in Recent Changes.

User Masthead is new section appended to the top every user page which displays user specific links including link to the new User Blog. This masthead also has a place for each user to have their own avatar. Avatars can be added/changed in Special:Preferences and can be managed like any other image on the site.

Check out all the details here!

This message was sent to sysops on English wikis.

  • I made some comments on kyle's page linked above. One twist of special interest to genealogy users is that blog postings cannot be altered by other users. Some folks might feel they don't want to contribute unless they had some assurance that their contribution would not be mucked with. This is one way of insuring that. The blog item might be transcluded (If interested, see phlox contributions on the test site for this feature. )
  • It appears that we can use the avatar icons and display that ahead of the Contributor's user name, that will give further positive reinforcement to contributors.
  • Kyle's page points to the Lostpedia wikia. If you look at their sidebar, they point to a blogspot blog on their website that is edited by admins there. Looks pretty pro. I staked out so we can do the same. Maybe we do Rtol's featured family thing there. Content that people would want to RSS subscribe to. -~ Phlox 22:43, 30 June 2009 (UTC)