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Currently we have a "Create a Page" item in the navigation pane. When this was added I believe there was an interest/concern that if we made it TOO easy for people to create pages, they wouldn't do the things that should be done first---like searching for an existing article, etc. As a result a substantial amount of guidance was provided on that page.---

In looking this over I believe we've overloaded the page with too much guidance. YOu have to wade through too much stuff to get to the actual page creation input box. I can't tell, but I suspect relatively few people are using the box. (I rarely use it myself, relying instead on a page creation subpage of my user's page, simply because its easier to get to.)

I'm going to propose that we streamline the "Create a Page" page, placeing the input boxes on top of the page, and leaving the guidance material below it, where those who have a need can find it. I'll wait a week for input, and if no one objects, make the change. We may also want to add AMK152's template, since a) for some it has obvious advantages, and b) some have expressed real appreciation for it. Bill 23:06, 10 August 2007 (UTC)

Some fairly new members have stressed that we should continue to urge people to check whether there is a page they may be duplicating. You and I agree with that, in principle. So please leave at least that message (succinctly) ABOVE the first inputbox (with its expansion and illustrations further down). (But I have wondered whether we might be better moving the inputboxes all to another page, linked from the current one. Then right below that link we have the lines about place and surname pages - which some members had trouble finding before it was added to that page.) Robin Patterson 12:09, 14 August 2007 (UTC)
Points well taken. What I'm looking for is a link on the navigation side bar that would allow very rapid page creation. Having to wade through the explanation that's been read previously, everytime you want to make a page, seems cumbersome. I realize scrolling down to the bottom of the page doesn't take much time, but it does seem to interfer with the process for little advantage for experienced users. How about two links under navigation---one for an explanation---like How to Create a Page, and the other for speedy page creation---like Quick Page, or something ovious like that. This way those who were having difficulty figuring this out (most everyone at first), would have immediate guidance of the type you are concerned with, and old hands would know to go to Quick Page. Bill 13:01, 14 August 2007 (UTC)