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  • We need folks to post their DNA signatures, but some may be shy due to privacy issues. I propose that we adopt the convention of first name= "Hidden" for those who want to maintain their anonymity. The last name is the family name. If dates are not provided in parens, I propose that they use an ID that can be used for communication purposes. For example:
Hidden Riggs (ys-7VJNR) means people shouldn't be posting information on that person without the individual's ok. "7VJNR" is their Y-Search (indicated with ys-) ID. Alternates would be yb (Ybase record #'s), g- (genealogy wikia UserId).
  • In order to normalize the data, we need to encourage a common method of encoding it. I have constructed two templates to achieve this. I will collapse them into one and more fully parameterize it if there is any interest in them. They are currently named:
Template:YSTR-FTD-labels, and Template:YSTR-FTD67. The benefit the user gets is that they make it simple to make a quick comparison between signatures. For example, see article on DNA:Riggs
Note that folks seem to have preference for how these are ordered. Some prefer the order of markers used on YBase, the referenced paper on the Riggs family seems to like the FamlyTree DNA format. The thing currently uses the FTD format, but can easily be parameterized to spit out YBase order.
  • Establishment of the DNA namespace, in order to encourage the sharing, analysis and application of yDNA and mDNA techniques to family histories.
  • Your thoughts/ reactions/ counter suggestions?
  • If anyone comes across this note or the templates, feel free to contact me- regardless how much time has passed. I'd like to encourage the sharing of this info. -Mak 10:20, 4 September 2007 (UTC)