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One of our favourite staff members, commonly known as Tim, is a speed addict beside the racetrack and at work. He also understands SMW. His latest staff blog explains how staff are trimming loading-times so as to improve user-experience and raise search-engine rankings. He concludes with this section:

Performance is something that Wikia progressively considers when building new products or features, even as we continue to work on improving the features that already exist on our site. Performance is a tricky wire to walk, as it’s important to make sure we can continue to offer to our users the ability to create content and shape their communities with as much flexibility and functionality as possible. New features inevitably means more code to be generated and processed.
As admins and users, you can also help with your wiki’s performance. In terms of page structure, sometimes it makes more sense to split information out into subpages instead of trying to place a bunch of information on a single page. For galleries, make sure that an image truly belongs in a page instead of sticking it in a huge gallery just to have it someplace. Both of these two concepts not only improve performance but improve the general readability of a wikia to your visitors.
And if you’re using complex and powerful features like Dynamic Page List or Variables, make sure you're following those extensions' own suggested coding methods to maintain performance.

The rest of the blog is at

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 07:57, November 8, 2013 (UTC)