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In the process of running the misaligned page problem to earth I modified the Help page by removing the TOC. That seems to have fixed the problem (at least it hasn't reoccurred), but getting rid of the TOC created a need to simplify the page so that it was easier to navigate to what was needed. That was probably an overdue move. One user commented that the layout of the Help page wasn't very effective for them. I tend to agree with that assessment....I think with the previous layout that it was indeed hard to spot what you needed. Perhaps the changes implemented will improve that. The main change is that much of the information being pointed to is now housed on subpages, with pointers from the main Help page. Easier to find things if you don't have to wade through a lot of detail on some other problem.

Along the way I realized we needed a couple of additional subpages, which I've created as "empty links" at the moment, waiting to have the subpage itself created and info added. ---one in particular "Frequently Answered Questions", seems likely to fill a need---certain problems keep coming up, and it would be handy to have a place where those problems could at least be pointed to. If the new organization makes it easier to find that information, that's all to the better. I haven't done anything with this subpage as yet. Feel free to add anything you think useful. Examples problems that comes up from time to time, where it seems to be difficult to track down the answer would include:

  • How do I insert a link to a subsection of a page?
  • How do I insert a reference?
  • How are articles supposed to be named?

For some of these questions, answers aleady exist on the site, but it doesn't hurt to have multiple pointers to them---different people try to find solutions to answers in different ways, and the more places that there are pointers to common problems, the more likely they are to come across the links---and so solve their problem without getting frustrated. Bill 13:20, 25 June 2007 (UTC)