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Organisation to make them more findable[]

We've had a Category:Families for a long time. It has collected a few individual family pages but some have gone into regional categories. It really is time to rationalise them, especially now that we have the specific "families" pages derived straight from the "Articles" group in the county navboxes (those things you see at the top of most county pages).

So please put your next "family" or "families" page into its county category wherever possible (and you are welcome to list it on the related article too). See Families of Nassau County, New York for the idea of how the pages relate and what you can have for parent and grandparent categories.

(Now we must start catering for the Southern Hemisphere...)

Robin Patterson 17:26, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

Families pages related to counties[]

Search results[]

Here's a search for all pages that have "county" and "families" in their names:

Grouping those in type order[]

(Categories appended)

Articles using surnames[]

Categories without "matching" articles[]

Articles not using surnames[]

(These are all "/families" subpages derived straight from the "Articles" group in the county navboxes. On another forum, it has been suggested - with no dissension - that they instead have ordinary names matching the category names, as in the Ohio example. That change is under way.)

Articles combining words "family" and "county"[]

(Some overlap with surname categories and "surname in place".)

Proposals for fixing some irregularities[]

Doubtless we have similar pages for Great Britain and maybe mainland Europe and India. Some existing irregularities may be seen above. For some, a small change of wording and/or additional categories may bring them into the fold enough to get them findable by various means. Others may need more work. Their presence suggests that guidelines should be written in more places.

A clear time-saver will be the conversion of county subpages into ordinary pages with names matching the categories.

People who want to write about a single family in a specific place should be encouraged to word the page name in such a way that it applies to only that family. There could well have been more than one Willitt family of Nassau County, New York; so unless the writer can prove that there was only one we should rename that as "families" to leave the page name permanent. Same with "Houston family", which also needs turning into an ordinary page.

See Template:Families of US, particularly the recommendation near the bottom of the notes, about "surname in place".

(more in preparation, but please jump in with comments below my signature any time)

Robin Patterson 01:59, 1 October 2008 (UTC)