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Most readers will have noticed the contents of an "Other place(s)" field displayed in an infobox after the relevant locality, county, state, and nation. The "other" place is in quotation marks, which have always annoyed me a little. Example:

Remains: 1845 Horley, Surrey, England, United Kingdom "Parish Church"

Now and again I have put the church in the "street" field, where it really doesn't belong but where it looks more geographically logical (and where links and a repetition of the locality can produce a meaningful link to the church page - example is the "Remains" line for Richard Blundell (1790-1824)).

A better solution could be simply to replace the quotation marks with parentheses:

Remains: 1845 Horley, Surrey, England, United Kingdom (Parish Church)

Anyone disagree? Or is there a better solution? Which page(s) can we edit to achieve it?

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 05:00, August 10, 2014 (UTC)

Thank you, Thurstan. Now I can happily put buildings in that box. -- Robin Patterson (Talk) 05:27, October 13, 2014 (UTC)