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Brierfield Cemetery, Brierfield, Bibb County, Alabama has had a lot of work done on its page. Great work. I see most of the people buried there are now in link form for easy page creation.

When the creation of articles for individuals gets easier, we will be able (more easily than now) to create an article for each person listed on each cemetery page (if they don't have their own article already) then use an SMW query and/or Concepts to display listings of all or some of those pages with sortable columns of whatever page properties are desired. We may think of some new properties (e.g. plot number and nearest town?), but the current selection covers quite a range of things that might be worth displaying.

People should be encouraged to note in the "Other" places field (near the bottom of the "Burial" part of the input form) the exact name of the cemetery as we have it on Familypedia, so that it can be used both as a link and as a property. Other location fields will help but will not be a complete guide.

Before long we may have a form for cemetery pages with its own set of properties...

Robin Patterson (Talk) 15:46, July 10, 2010 (UTC)