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We are seeing a significant increase in Canadian placenames in recent weeks. The time has come to organise/organize divisions of the provinces and territories of Canada so that we can use quick page-creation methods like those used for Australia, UK, and USA.

Quebec, though the largest by land area, seemed easy: 17 administrative divisions with no obvious irregularities. So I've started on them. No "Quebec" in their names, to make uniform templating easy (on the same principle as the UK counties). See Capitale-Nationale and Côte-Nord. Comment if you like.

Ontario, most important in population terms, is a different kettle of fish or bundle of beaver-pelts: counties, districts, municipalities (integrated or separate)! Having no "Ontario" in their names would make templating very easy (see Category:Married in Toronto) but may be unworkable; I've not looked at the whole Wikipedia list. Please see Template talk:Subdivisions of Ontario and add your thoughts on how we should proceed.

If you have relatives or interests in any other province or territory, as I do, please start a discussion here or in a separate forum linked from here.

Robin Patterson 03:42, 29 November 2008 (UTC)