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This note is not intended for discussion, but is intended to provide a quick summary of current status of Bot Runs- with most recent top most.

Currently working on[]

  • Puny time cats- eg 1st millenium establishments -> Establised in the...
  • scanning for non conformant place cats for first pass.

Finished 11/20/2007[]

  • 4,288 counties created for (US, UK, & India moved). 4200 Forums were created, but none of the children categories referenced by the Navbox. To create such subpages, click the red text and copy the navbox template from the top of any active page: Example for UK:
{{Navbox county-uk}}

Adding the navbox to other county articles that are not subpages is possible but you must indicate the article name for the county:

{{Navbox county-uk |mainpage=Herefordshire}}
  • Phase 2 of Time move- all birth death cats were moved, and catredir templates placed on the old pages.


Raw stats without visitors and active contributors means nothing, but just underline something- we are not a baby sized wikia anymore.

Rankings in text (xml) size (11/20/2007):
  • 385115 KiB (Uncyclopedia)
  • 227621 KiB (Starwars)
  • 127680 KiB (Psychology)
  • 124715 KiB (Genealogy)
  • 110565 KiB (Memory Alpha)

Our standing versus other genealogy sites:

  • Genealogy:..............10,000 Names(at most)
  • WorldConnect: 509,815,782 Names
... So, we have a ways to go
~ Phlox 08:37, 21 November 2007 (UTC)