This page collects information about people with surname Fiske who were known or believed to have lived in Massachusetts.

The Fiske family was a prominent family of the United States from the late 18th through the early 20th centuries. Based in eastern Massachusetts.

1630s New England Immigrant Families[]

It looks like at least 3 distinct but related Fiske family groups sailed from Suffolk, England to Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1630s. All are believed to descend directly from Englishman Robert Fiske (1525-1600).

Jeffrey Fiske Family[]

Jeffrey Fiske (1558-1629) (son of Robert Fiske (1525-1600))- English patriarch with several children sailing to Massachusetts Bay Colony

Family of Nathaniel Fiske II[]

Rev John Fiske[]

  1. Rev John Fiske (c1619-1684) - (distinguished Puritan preacher) - son of ???

Phineas Fiske[]

The line from Nathaniel Fiske (1732-1827) (grandfather of Sen. Stephen A Douglas goes, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Phineas (1st in America), Thomas, Robert Fiske (1525-1600), Simon, William and Symond, who was Lord of the Manor of Stadaugh, Suffolk County, England in the time of Henry IV. It has also been traced further back

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