This page is a list of the first families of England dating from the 13th century and back.

Families Founded in the 11th Century[]

d'Aubigny family[]

Arden family[]

Beaumont family[]

Berkeley family[]

Bigod family[]

de Bohun family[]

Cavendish family[]

de Clare family[]

de Ferrers family[]

Godwin family[]

Longe family[]

Montague family[]

Percy family[]

Peverel family[]

Talbot family[]

de Vere family[]

de Warenne family[]

Wentworth family[]

Families Founded in the 12th Century[]

Beauchamp family[]

Bradley family[]

de Burge family[]

Grey family[]

Lascelles family[]

Mowbray family[]

Putnam family[]

Stanley family[]

Quincy family[]

Families Founded in the 13th Century[]

Bolyen family[]

Fitzalan family[]

Leveson-Gower/Sutherland-Leveson-Gower family[]

Greene family[]

Leger family[]

Manning family[]

Pickering family[]

Plantagenet family[]

Rivers family[]

Stratford family[]