The Filotti family is a Romanian family of landowners. Several members of the family have made their presence felt in Romanian politics, literature, sciences and arts. The family is of Greek origin from the island of Naxos and descends from a certain Ion Filotti (Greek: Ίων Φιλώτης), who, in 1619, came to the Principality of Moldavia in the personal suite de voivode Gaspar Graziani, who was also Duke of Paros and Naxos. Ion Filotti was able to escape when Graziani was murdered. He married and settled in settled in Brăila with his son Ştefan starting a business as grain merchants - zaheregii - mainly supplying the cereals and hay required by the Turkish armies. They continued this trade for over two centuries. The Greek branch of the island of Naxos is now extinct, though local records prove that the branch continued to exist for some time. There still is a village Filoti (Greek: Φιλώτη), on the island In 1829, after the Treaty of Adrianople and the transfer of the Brăila raya to Wallachia, the need for the supply of the Ottoman army disappeared and the Filottis had to look for other sources of income. Nestor Filotti, considered to be the patriarch of modern Filotti family started to lease and eventually became owner of the Batogu estate, which became the seat of the Filotti family till its expropriation by the communist regime.

Main Branch

17. Nestor Filotti (c1814-1867)
Continues with Brăila Branch
18. Alexandru Filotti (?-?)
19. Oprea Filotti
20. Constantin Filotti
36. Alexandru Filotti
8. Ion Filotti (c1780-c1835)
21. Neculaie Filotti (c1825-c1880)
Continues with Ploieşti Branch
9. Mihalcea Filotti
22. Toma Filotti
1. Ion Filotti (c1600-c1660)
2. Ştefan Filotti (c1640-c1700)
3. Ion Filotti (c1680-c1735)
4. Ștefan Filotti (c1720-c1775)
5. Stoian Filotti (c1750-c1800)
10. Fătu Filotti
23. Anghel Filotti
11. Ioniţă Filotti
6.Neculai Filotti
12. Stan Filotti
13. Mihai Filotti
7. Stoica Filotti
14. Neagu Filotti
15.Constantin Filotti
16. Petru Filotti

Brăila (Nestor Filotti) Branch

24.Tudorița Filotti (c1842-1890)
24a. Petrache Calu (c1835-c1995)
24b. Alexandru Constantinescu (c1835-c1995)
25. Anton Filotti (1844-1887)
Continues with branch of Anton Filotti
25a Eliza Bagdat (1852-1936)
26. Zamfir Filotti (1845-c1850)
27. Dumitru Filotti (1846-1882)
48. Zamfir Filotti (c1875-1966)
81. Dimitrie Anton Filotti (c1918-c2010)
118. Irina Maria Filotti (c1950)
27a. Margot Zamfirescu (c1850-c1910)48a. ?
81a. Aurora ?
119.Liviu Filotti (1962)
82. Traian Mircea Filotti (c1920)
120. Mircea Filotti (c1964)
82a. ?
121. Ileana Filotti (c1965)
49. Alexandru Filotti (1878-1959)
49a. Angela ?
122. ?
28. Constantin Filotti (1849-1911)
50. Eugenia Filotti (1880-1968)
83. Manole Manolescu (c1905-c1970)
123. ?
28a. Sofia ?
50a. Horaţiu Manolescu (c1875-c1930)83a. ?
124. Gheorghe I. Cantacuzino (1937)
50b. Vasile Atanasiu (1886-1964)
124a. Călina Brătăşanu (1943-1977)
51. Maria Filotti (1883-1956)
84. Ion Filotti-Cantacuzino (1908-1975)
124b. Maria Ioana Popescu (c1945)
51a. Ion Cantacuzino (1882-1950)84a. Elena Warthiadi (1912-2001)
124c. Cristina Colfescu (c1945)
125. Șerban Cantacuzino (1941-2011)
154. Şerban Matei Cantacuzino (1967)
125a. Simona Romașcan (1941)
155. Alexandru Ioan Cantacuzino (1969)
52. Eliza (Lizica) Filotti (c1882-c1910)
53. Arthur Filotti (c1885-c1945)
85. Arthur Filotti (c1910-c1980)
29. Iancu Filotti (1852-1904)
54. Adela Filotti (c1887-c1955)
86. Eugenia Filotti (c1912-c1985)
29a. Maria Hiropol (c1860-c1930)
54a. Paul Chintescu (c1880-c1950)
54b. ? Grigoriu
55. Romeo Filotti (c1890-1960)
87. Dumitru Filotti (c1920-c1980)
55a Titina Passalaqua (c1895-c1990)
88. Dumitru Tănăsescu (1907-1962)
88a. Lucia Vasilescu (c1915-c1990)
126. Dumitru Tănăsescu (c1937)
183. Paul Tappeiner (2004)
56. Sofia Filotti (c1886-1967)
88b. Maria Bârsănescu
127. Mihai Tănăsescu (c1940)156. Andrea-Alexandra Brem (1973)
184. Tessa-Louisa Tappeiner (2006)
56a. Mihai Tănăsescu (c1880-1950)
89. Mihai Tănăsescu (1913-1987)
128. Mihaela Tănăsescu (1951)
156a. Christian Tappeiner (1968)
185 Hugo Tappeiner (2009)
57. Constantin Filotti (1888-1961)89a. Ema Racoviţă (1922-2001)128a. Jozsef Budahazi (Brem) (1947-2003)
157. Peter Brem (1975)
186. Bruno-Josef Brem (2009)
57a. Valeria Iarca (c1890-c1917)
90. Constantin Filotti (1919-1990)157a. Naica Linne (1972)
187. Julius-Beno Brem (2011)
57b. Lucia Drăghici (1883-1960)90b. Andreea Constantinescu (1925)
129. Oana Mihaela Filotti (1958)
58. Mihai Filotti (1889-c1963)
91. Mihai Filotti (1922-2009)
129a. Victor Zamfir (c1955)
58a. Maria Popescu-Ciocănel (1904-1987)
91a. Irina Timu (1926)129b. Radu Nicolau (1958)
158. Smaranda Nicolau (1986)
17.Nestor Filotti (c1814-1867)
30. Anastase Filotti (1854-1936)
58b. Elisabeta ?
92. Alexandru-Gabriel Filotti (1924)
130. Gabriel Filotti (1949-2009)
159. Mihnea Nicolau (1989)
17a. Sofia Dulgheru (1816-1889)
30a. Alexandrina Iarca (1865-c1950)
92a. Eliza Manolescu (1928)
130a. Ioana Nicolau (c1955)
160.John Alexander Filotti (1979)
59. Irina Filotti (c1892-c1970)
130b. Florina ?
59a. Anastasie Baroncea (c1880-c1950)
130c. Nataşa ?
59b. Leonidas Galiatsatos (c1860-c1925)
93. Anastasie Baroncea (c1915-1986)
130. Mihaela Victoria Filotti (1952)
59b. Ion Manolescu-Strunga (1889-1951)93a. Sanda Nicolau (c1920)
131a. Axel Green (1955-)
161. Nicole Green (1981)
60/43a. Alexandrina Filotti (1896-1986)93b. ?
132 Ruxandra Baroncea (c1945)
162. Christof Green (1985-)
60a. Gheorghe Porfireanu (c1890-1957)
94. Barbu Porfireanu
133. Bogdan Baroncea (c1947)
163. Andreas Green (1991-)
60b/43. Anton (Bubi) Filotti (1879-1932)(see 41.)
94a. ?
133a. ?
164. Ileana Baroncea (c1975)
60c. Ion Georgescu-Ceptura (c1888-1940)
95.Puiu Porfireanu
134. Louis Porfireanu
60d. Constantin Popovici (c1890-1945)
95a. ?
135. Lucia Porfireanu
60e. Neculai Craiovan (c1895-c1970)
96. Constantin Porfireanu
60f/60a. Gheorghe Porfireanu (c1890-1957) (2nd time)
60g. Gheorghe Niculescu (c1900-1985)
61. Emanuel Lupaşcu (c1875-1935)97b. Virgil Petrescu (1926-c1980)
136. Alexandru Petrescu (1956)
165. Philip Petrescu (1988)
31. Maria Filotti (1856-c1945)
61a. Florence Coandă (c1902-c1965)
97. Maria Lupașcu (c1924-1992)136a. Florina Angheliu (1959)
31a. Gheorghe Lupaşcu (1843-1936)
62. Sofia Lupașcu (c1890-c1955)
98/97a. Gheorghe Pohrib (c1915-c1980)
137. Vlad Pohrib (1944-1990)
166. Alexandru Pohrib (c1974)
62a. Gheorghe Pohrib (c1885-c1955)
99. Ileana Lupaşcu (1921-c1992)
138. Emil Rafiroiu (1945)
167 Anca Pohrib (c1976)
62b. Iacob Iacobovici (c1875-c1955)
99a.Mircea Rafiroiu (c1915-c1990)
138a. Ana Ionescu (c1950)
63. Neron Lupașcu (1891-c1955)
100. Ruxandra (Sanda) Lupaşcu (1923-c2000)
139. Ioana Rafiroiu (1958)
63a. Dacia Iteanu (c1895-c1970)100a. Ion Ciogolea (1916-c1980)
140. Maria Ciogolea (1945-2003)
63b. Ana Filitti (c1900-c1970)
101. Alexandru Atanasescu (1908-1960))
64. Gilberta Filotti (1888-c1955)
102. Dumitru Atanasescu (1912-1994)
141. Dan Traian Anton Atanasescu (1948)
168. Răzvan Cristian Atanasescu (1975-)
64a. Nicolae Atanasescu (c1880-c1950)
102b. Sofia Economu (1928)141a. Ioana Viorela Vocuţi (1943)
103. Adina Atanasescu (1917-1960)
104.Elena Argentina Ignat (1908-1942)
142. Georgeta Iordăchescu (1931)
104a. Constantin Ioan Iordăchescu (1903-1964)142a. Dumitru Măinescu (1928-1952)
169. Vlad Constantin Baranovschi (1966)
188. Ruxandra Maria Baranovschi (2008)
142b. Vladimir Baranovschi (1937)169a. Lenuţa Murărescu (1976-)
32. Nestor Filotti (1857-1936)
105. Nestor Ignat (1918-2016)
143. Nestor Florin Ignat (1942)
170. Matei Ignat (1980)
32a. Elena Perşunaru (1868-1948)
65. Lucia Filotti (1889-1969)
105a. Ana Barcan (1918-1989)143a. Sanda Ileana Tocitu (1938)
65a. NN Demetriade
106. Ştefania Ignat (1921-1983)
144. Elena Floria Ionescu (1945-2014)
171. Corina Drăgoi (c1965)
189. Ana Bradu (1994)
65b. Dimitrie Ignat (1875-1943)106a. Victor Ionescu (c1915-1984)144a. Dan Drăgoi (1936)171a. Adrian Ovidiu Bradu (c1965)
190. Irina Bradu (2000)
106b. Imre Tuş (c1920- 1976)144b. Laye Camara (1952-1984)
172. Ghedi Kamara (1976)
191. Stephanie Sara Kamara (2000)
172a. Adina Andrei (1980)
192. Leon Kamara (2014)
172b. Oana Hănțoiu (1985)
173. Mustafa Camara (1981)
174. Corina Camara (1982)
193. Stephanie Diakite (1999)
175. Sarah Oulel Camara (1983)
194. Brenda Diakite (2001)
175a. Alioune Diakite (1982)
195. Laye Florin Diakite (2003)
107. Andrei Filotti (1930)
176 Binta Camara (1984)
107a. Maria Ligia Vasiliu (1934)
66. Mircea Filotti (1892-1971)
108. Domnica Filotti (1932-2017)
66a. Edmée Boerescu (c1900-c1987)
108a. Dumitru Ghimuş (1923-1908)
33. Nicolae Filotti (1860-1897)
67 Eugen Filotti (1896-1975)
109. Ion Filotti (1941)
33a. Aurelia Felix (1869-1950)67a. Elisabeta Taşcă (1906-1992)
'109a. Domnica Bottea (1942)
109b. Françoise Sciaky (1942)
145. Marie Filotti (1980)
177. Ailsa Wilkinson (2013)
110.Alexandra Filotti (1947)145a. Peter Wilkinson (1980)
178. Marc Wilkinson (2015)
110a.- Voicu Florea (c1945)
110b.- Gelu Ionescu (1937)
146. Domnica Ionescu (1982)
110c. - Michael Shafir (1944)
34.Victoria Filotti (1861-c1925)
34a. NN Bălăescu (c1850-c1910)
68.Aurel Bălăescu (c1881-c1950)
34b. Cristache Hagi-Volcoff (c1855-c1920)
69.Maria Hagi-Volcoff (c1895-c1960)
35.Traian Filotti (1865-1909)
70.Sofia Filotti (c1890-c1962)
35a. Didina ?
71/80a. Mihai Filotti (c1892-c1943)
71a/80 Antoaneta Orăşanu (1908-1978)
71b. Valeria Stavăr (c1905-c1980)

Ploieşti (Neculaie Filotti) Branch

72.Mircea Filotti
37. Constantin Filotti (c1860-c1880)
111.Alexandra Polzer (1913-c1985)
147.Ion (Nelu) Bunea
38. Zamfir Filotti (1863-1937)
73. Thalia Filotti (1892-1977)
111a. ? Bunea
148.Teodor Dumitrescu
179. Thomas Dumitrescu (1978-)
38a. Suzana Panaitescu
73a. Victor Polzer
112. Elena (Leanca) Polzer
148a. Ştefana Ţiţeica
180. Philipp Dumitrescu (1980-)
21. Neculaie Filotti (c1825-c1880)
39. Elena Filotti (c1885-c1910)
74. Livia Filotti (1896-1957)112a.? Panteli
149. Alexandru Filotti (1956-)
40. Aristia Filotti (c1887-c1905)
74a. ? Alexandrescu
113. Anca-Maria Filotti (1927-2009)
149a. Anca-Mihaela Spigler (1957-2016)
181.Teodor Alexandru Dumitrescu (1982)
41. Victoria Filotti (c1890-c1915)
75. Ioan Zamfir Filotti (1900-1974)
113a. Sava Dumitrescu (1927)149b Alina ?
75a. Elisabeta Cibuchi (c1905-c1980)
114. Petre (Pufu) Filotti (1929)
150. Ioana Elena Filotti (1957)
182. Natalia Constantinescu (1984)
114a. Eugenia ?150a. Radu Constantinescu (c1950)

Continues on Filotti family/Continued


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Timeline of People Pages[]

 Birth dateBirth placeDeath dateDeath place
Adela Filotti (1878-1943)27 July 1879Buzău, Buzău County, Romania29 January 1943Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău County, Romania
Adela Filotti (c1884-c1955)1884Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1955
Alexandra Filotti (1947-)18 December 1947Bucharest, Romania
Alexandrina Filotti (1896-1986)1896Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1986Romania
Alexandru Filotti (1878-1959)1878Batogu, Brăila County, Romania19 November 1959Bucharest, Romania
Alexandru Gabriel Filotti (1924)15 May 1924Romania
Anastase Filotti (1854-1936)1854Batogu, Brăila County, Romania1836Buzău, Buzău County, Romania
Anca-Maria Filotti (1927-2009)1927Bucharest, Romania28 July 2009Bucharest, Romania
Andrei Filotti (1930-)27 October 1930Bucharest, Romania
Antoaneta Filotti (1903-1966)1903Bucharest, Romania1966Bucharest, Romania
Anton Filotti (1844-1887)1844Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1887Buzău, Buzău County, Romania
Anton (Bubi) Filotti (1880-1932)5 February 1880Romania1932Berlin, Germany
Arthur Filotti (c1910-c1980)1910Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1980Romania
Arthur Filotti (c1885-c1945)1885Romania1945Romania
Constantin Filotti (1849-1911)1849Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1911Bucharest, Romania
Constantin Filotti (1883-1965)1898Romania1900Romania
Constantin Filotti (1888-1961)1888Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1861Bucharest, Romania
Constantin Filotti (1919-1990)1919Romania1990Romania
Dan Filotti (c1925-c1995)19251995
Dimitrie Anton Filotti (c1918-c2010)1918Romania
Domnica Filotti (1932-2017)28 August 1932Bucharest, Romania14 February 2017Bucharest, Romania
Dumitru Filotti (1846-1882)1846Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1882Brăila, Brăila County, Romania
Dumitru Filotti (c1920-c1980)1920Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1980Romania
Eliza Filotti (1884-1966)1884Romania1966Romania
Eliza (Lizica) Filotti (c1882-c1910)1882Romania1910Romania
Eugen Filotti (1896-1975)28 July 1896Bucharest, Romania1 July 1975Bucharest, Romania
Eugenia Filotti (1880-1968)1880Batogu, Brăila County, Romania1968Bucharest, Romania
Eugenia Filotti (c1912-c1985)1912Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1985Romania
Gabriel Filotti (1949-2009)1 March 1949Bucharest, Romania2 February 2009Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gilberta Filotti (1888-c1955)1888Romania1955Romania
Grigore Filotti (1874-1938)1874Romania1938Romania
Iancu Filotti (1852-1904)1852Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1904Brăila, Brăila County, Romania
Ileana Filotti (c1965)1965Romania
Ioan Zamfir Filotti (1900-1974)1900Bucharest, Romania1974Bucharest, Romania
Ion Filotti (1941-)26 June 1941Câmpulung, Argeș County, Romania
Ion Filotti (c1780-c1835)17801835
Ion Filotti (c1600-c1660)1600Filoti, Naxos, South Aegean Region, Greece1660Wallachia, Romania
Irina Filotti (c1892-c1970)1892Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1970Câmpulung, Argeş County, Romania
Irina Maria Filotti (c1950)1950Romania
Liviu Filotti (1962)1962Romania
Lucia Filotti (1889-1969)1889Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1969Bucharest, Romania
Maria Filotti (1883-1956)9 October 1883Batogu, Brăila County, Romania5 November 1956Bucharest, Romania
Maria Filotti (1856-c1945)1856Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1945Romania
Marie Filotti (1980-)16 February 1980Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France
Mihaela Victoria Filotti (1952)14 October 1952Bucharest, Romania
Mihai Filotti (c1892-c1943)1892Romania1943Romania
Mihai Filotti (1889-c1963)1889Brăila, Brăila County, Romania1963Brăila, Brăila County, Romania
Mihai Filotti (1922-2009)7 October 1922Romania11 June 2009Bucharest, Romania
Mircea Filotti (1892-1971)1892Bucharest, Romania20 November 1971Bucharest, Romania
Mircea Filotti (c1964)1964Romania
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