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February 9 is the 40th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 325 days remaining until the end of the year (326 in leap years).


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98 Familypedia people were born on February 9

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Rufus Columbus Buleson Adair (1844-1847)Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889)Jemima Catherina Mangum (1809-1848)
Araceli Adam-Salvatierra (1959)
Joseph Adams (1626-1694)Henry Adams (1582-1646)Edith Squire (1587-1673)
Malinda Jane Allred (1861-1945)James Tillmon Sanford Allred (1825-1905)Margaret Manwaring (1821-1888)
Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 4th Earl of Shaftesbury (1711-1771)Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury (1671-1713)Jane Ewer (-1751)
Lou Birchie Ayers (1893-1946)Simpson Green Ayers (1820-1897)Hattie Hayes (1858-1935)
Henry Moses Baker (1840-1902)Thomas Baker (c1814-?)Ann Potter (c1818-?)
Benjamin Ball (1676-1734)John Ball (1644-1722)Sarah Bullard (1645-1722)
John Vincent Belcher (1940)Victor Cecil Belcher (1899-1971)Noelene Catherine Geraghty (1903-1974)
Nahum Bigelow (1785-1851)Simeon Bigelow (1752-1837)Sarah Foster (1760-1789)
Henry Warren Birks (1903-1972)Henry James Birks (1849-1932)Ethel Violet Foulkes (1876-1947)
Henrietta Boyle (1701-1746)Charles Boyle, 2nd Earl of Burlington (bef1674-1704)Juliana Noel (1672-1750)
Maria of Portugal (1313-1357)Afonso IV of Portugal (1291-1357)Beatrix of Castile (1293-1359)
Ira Caro (1905-1975)Max Caro (1882-c1920)Theodora Olive Jensen (1885-1910)
David George Brownlow Cecil, 6th Marquess of Exeter (1905-1981)William Thomas Brownlow Cecil, 5th Marquess of Exeter (1876-1956)Myra Rowena Sibell Orde-Powlett (1879-1973)
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114 Familypedia people died on February 9

 FatherMotherAge at death
Elizabeth Alden (1665-1739)John Alden (1622-1701)Elizabeth Phillips (1622-1695)64
William Alden (1669-1728)John Alden (1622-1701)Elizabeth Phillips (1622-1695)60
Alice Maud Ida Aldridge (1893-1995)William Aldridge (1858-1943)Georgina Smith (1870-1909)102
Bertha Marion Allen (1872-1967)Thomas Allen (bef1872)Mary Unknown (bef1872)95
Nathaniel Appleton (1693-1784)John Appleton (1652-1724)Elizabeth Rogers (1661-1754)91
Bernhard III. von Sachsen (1140-1212)Albrecht von Brandenburg (c1100-1170)Sophie von Winzenburg (c1105-1160)72
Otto von Ballenstedt (c1071-1123)Adalbert II von Ballenstedt (c1030-c1080)Adelheid von Weimar (c1055-1100)52
Joseph Woodbury Averill (1829-1908)Jesse Averill (1798-1850)Eliza Conant (1803-1872)79
Diana Olivia Beauclerk (1806-1875)Charles George Beauclerk (1774-1845)Emily Charlotte Ogilvie (1778-1832)69
Jane Eliza Beckett (1827-1909)Samuel Beckett (c1795-1827)Hannah Dalton (1793-1837)82
Charles Boyle, 2nd Earl of Burlington (bef1674-1704)Charles Boyle, 3rd Viscount Dungarvan (1639-1694)Jane Seymour (1637-1679)30
Mary Madeline Bray (1850-1925)James William Bray (1822-1881)Anne Sussannah Blackman (1828-1859)75
Arien Breen (1740-1808)Gerrit Breen (1701-1799)Trijntje Tulp (bef1740-)68
George Browne (?-1663)George Browne (c1564-1615)Mary Tyrwhitt (c1564-?)
James Bulloch (1765-1806)Archibald Bulloch (1730-1777)Mary DeVeaux (1744-1818)41
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98 Familypedia people were first married on February 9

 FatherMotherJoined with
Mary Allen (1766-1857)Nathanael Allen (1732-1780)Mary Unknown (c1732-)Thomas Wilday (1759-1825)
Joshua Ballinger (1762-1814)Samuel Ballinger (1733-1822)Elizabeth Groff (-1786)Sarah Jones (1762-1818)
Edward Bassingthwaighte (1791-1857)Edward Bassingthwaighte (bef1791)Finit Murrell (bef1791)Susanna Wright (1798-1874)
Anthony Gardner Bazley (1911-1937)Gardner Sebastian Bazley (1863-1911)Ruth Evelyn Howard (1877-1962)Anne Hotham (1913)
Marijtje Bot (1794-1834)Pieter Bot (c1776-1817)Lijsbeth Bleeker (1770-1836)Pieter Paaij (1793-1847)
Frederic Macarthur Bowman (1836-1915)James Bowman (1784-1846)Mary Isabella Macarthur (1796-1852)Jane Charlotte Talbot (c1846-1916)
William Brewster (1852-1919)John Brewster (1813-1886)Rebecca Parker Noyes (1814-1874)Caroline Freeman Kettell (1846-1924)
Klaas Buis (1838-1902)Cornelis Buis (1805-1866)Dieuwertje Hauwert (1808-1866)Grietje Meester (1841-1907)
Mary Cavendish (1556-1632)William Cavendish (c1505-1557)Elizabeth Hardwick (1527-1608)Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury (1552-1616)
Johann Wenzel Cavriani (1755-1816)Christoph Cavriani (1715-1783)Marie Eliška Zárubová z Hustířany (1717-1781)Maria Walpurga Hartmann von Klarstein (1763-1797)
John Cecil, 6th Earl of Exeter (1674-1721)John Cecil, 5th Earl of Exeter (c1648-1700)Anne Cavendish (c1644-1703)Annabella Bennet (c1675-1698)+Elizabeth Brownlow (1681-1723)
Hannah Christian (1734-1810)James Christian (1692-1771)Sarah Maddox (1693-1773)Thomas Oare (1710-1799)
Elizabeth Churchill (1686-1714)John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough (1650-1722)Sarah Jennings (1660-1744)Scroop Egerton, 1st Duke of Bridgewater (1681-1745)
Helena Dirks (1809-?)Gerrit Dirksz (bef1793-?)Helena Lodikweijs (bef1793-?)Johan Andries Tietz (1802-?)
Thomas Henry Drady (1851-1914)Eugene Owen Drady (1806-1912)Elizabeth Peisley (1832-1892)Mary Ann Purcill (1856-1902)
... further results
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