This wiki has a set of existing and proposed categories for settlements, similar to Wikipedia's but maybe ultimately extending to greater detail. A "settlement" can be a farm, a village, a megapolis, or anything in between.

See Category:Settlements to start at the top.

At the lower end of the scale, currently at the county/borough/parish level, we have categories and articles with the same PAGENAME in this form:

The coding for such a page should look something like this:

{{navcty|mainpage=Hardy County, West Virginia}}
'''Migrations to, and settlements in, Hardy County, [[West Virginia]], [[United States]].'''

(Details written by contributors in any form that seems appropriate)

{{Hardy County, West Virginia}}
[[Category:{{PAGENAME}}| ]]

That produces this (with the stub message at the end until there is enough content for that to be removed):

Migrations to, and settlements in, Hardy County, West Virginia, United States.

(Details written by contributors in any form that seems appropriate)

(and the page lists first in the category of the same name)

Note the mention of migrations, both in the text of the page and in one of the cells of the top navigation box. People who migrate to a place join or form a settlement, so there seemed little point in having a separate "migrations" page for any single place. We do have categories under Category:Human migration for migrations and migrants, with an unlimited variety of origins and destinations, and there is no reason why there should not one day be a category for immigrants to each county, but such categories will be rare (because most new residents of most counties have not travelled far enough to be counted as immigrants) and can be created as required without taking up space in the main structures.

Note also the "county locations" navigation box at the bottom. It appears on the main county page but seems quite appropriate on the Settlements page too.

The matching category will shortly (in or soon after October 2008) be very easy to create using a half-line template of the same sort as Template:Born in US. It should list the category in the county category itself, in the "Geography of" category for the county, and in the "Settlements in" category for the state (which seems to be the lowest level to which Wikipedia goes with that sort of category; we are going at least one step further). See Genealogy:County navigation templates for explanations and listings.