This is a model for the "verbose" or fully detailed person form. For some guidance on how to use it, see Forum:Data entry without using Form:Person. The advanced form may not work itself from a button-click; in that case, just copy lines from here and insert them in the article.

<!-- START HERE -->
{{Showfacts person
|father=Father with-middle-name and Surname (YOB-YOD)
|mother=Mother and-for-privacy-you-can-say: (living)
|familysearch_afn=AFN #
|joined_with=Spouse 1+Partner(s)
|image=(omit "File:")
|short_name=Tester Guy
|long_name=Person Toooo Test III (impossible birth year-uncertain death)
|alternative_names=alternative names
|notes=General information - Footnote(s)

(Note how the display inserts a star at the start, and you get it showing as a 
separate line if you start with a star. There are various ways of 
formatting the notes and sources, e.g. hash or star or just double "Enter"; 
the recommended "<new note>" is believed to be superior in 
some respects but it's no better for display.

Switching to the advanced form after creating this page several months ago, I was met with:
*A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. 
You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Still doing that sort of thing in May 2011.
|sources_secondary=Secondary sources (- this is how are they going to display?+
Who decides what's secondary?
|sources_primary=Primary sources (good; will there be problems with non-ASCII characters???)
|contributors=Robin Patterson
|birth_date if bce=true
|birth_nation-subdiv1=state, etc
|birth_nation=New Zealand
|birth_places-other=other places, e.g. hospital or historical area such as "Austria-Hungary"
|birth_coord=38.199570°, -86.129457°
|birth_address=what's this box after the co-ords?
|birth_notes=birth notes
|birth_sources=birth sources
|birth_tags=Now five boxes currently without labels; this subgroup can be separately hidden
|birth_involved_people=Box 2
|birth_pictures=Boxes 3, 4, and 5 invite uploading of photo
|baptism_date if bce=true
|baptism_coord=38.199570°, -86.129457°
|baptism_address=and the box below the coords
|baptism_notes=Baptism notes
|baptism_sources=Ditto sources
|baptism_sources_secondary=prim or sec
|baptism_sources_primary=Sec or Prim
|baptism_tags=Group of five boxes as for birth
|death_event=Julian calendar
|death_street=Unknown Street
|death_locality=Unknown Locality
|death_notes=Death notes: Never? (say some authorities)
|death_sources=No reputable source
|death_tags=This group of boxes for death  has an extra box inserted at  place 3 for "Cause"
|death_causes=Surfeit of lampreys. (Hey, how do we get this showing on the simple form? 
Lots of people know it and want to show it, and the minibio caters for it. 
And do we really need two forms since we can hide blocks so easily?)
|remains_street=Knowe Street
|remains_locality=Little Pagwell
|remains_county=Unknown County
|remains_nation=United Kingdom
|remains_places-other=Nonesuch Cemetery
|remains_coord=38.9°, 86.1°
|wedding1_places-other=St Pius church
|wedding1_notes=The advanced form was enlarged to show eight sets of "wedding" detail 
(which includes other liaisons). Not enough for [[Charlemagne]].
|wedding1_sources=Wedding 1 sources
|wedding2_county=County Down
|wedding2_nation-subdiv1=Northern Ireland
|wedding2_nation=United Kingdom
|wedding2_places-other=Reg Office
|wedding2_notes=Marriage 2: notes.
|wedding2_sources=Marriage 2: sources
|wedding3_county=County Down
|wedding3_nation-subdiv1=Northern Ireland
|wedding3_nation=United Kingdom
|wedding3_places-other=Reg Office
|wedding3_notes=Nothing is known of third partner but the wedding is mentioned by Josephus.
|wedding4_county=County Down
|wedding4_nation-subdiv1=Northern Ireland
|wedding4_nation=United Kingdom
|wedding4_places-other=Reg Office
|wedding4_notes=Marriage 2: notes.
|wedding4_sources=Marriage 2: sources
|globals={{get globals}}
{{Showfacts biography}}

Page for testing forms etc. Gently, please!
{{showfacts children
|children-g1=Probable son
|children-g1_sources=Source: hearsay
|children-g1_notes=Notes: for some reason, the child form has sources first. 
As there are about ten groups involved, consistency suggests that the 
other events should have their order changed.
|children-g2=Upstart Person (5-101)+Secundus
|children-g2_sources=Second family sources
|children-g2_notes=Ditto notes
|children-g3='Jacky' (the rebel), Governor of Virginia (unknown dates)  <!-- commas and 
round brackets are OK, as are probably single quote marks,  but 
most other punctuation is bad in page names -->
{{notable family}}<!-- include just in case; nothing shows if no notable 
ancestor or descendant is properly linked -->
{{footer}} <!-- typing in again; why does footer disappear so often? -->
{{Set interlingua person
|lang article v1=Personne de Teste (9999 AJC-)

<!-- COPY EVERYTHING DOWN TO HERE; then substitute your data for 
whatever is currently after each equals sign; do not delete any 
curly brackets or arrowheads or vertical bars unless you know what you are doing -->