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The focus of this site is on capturing the details of the lives of our ancestors, both those historically significant people and the everyday people rarely listed in encyclopaedias, histories, or even "people's histories". Along the way, the site will also provide information about the historical and social context in which our ancestors found themselves.

This site aspires to be truly global, with active contributors and information from several cultures and languages, and all four Hemispheres.

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Grace Enid Baglin (1933-2006) -
Grace Enid Russ (nee Baglin) (1933-2006).jpg
Grace, born in Keynsham Hospital, Keynsham, Bristol at about 7.30pm on Thursday 27th April 1933, home address 14 Sweets Road, Kingswood, Bristol, didn’t like her middle name ‘Enid’ and never used it.

She was influenced during childhood and teenage life by her grandmother, Gertrude Rosa Burgess (1874-1958), aka ‘Grand Pratt’. Grand Pratt lived with the family until her death in 1958 and was cared for by her daughter-in-law, Florence Eveline Jenner (1901-1994) aka ‘Eva’; Grace’s mother. Eva frequently said "I never had Grace until Grand Pratt died" by which time Grace was married anyway. ---read more

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Today is June 14.

Familypedia people who were born on this day

 FatherMotherBirth place
Catherina Antonius (1642-)Antonius Nicolai (-)Catherina Wilhelmi (-)Onderdijk, North Holland, Netherlands
George Abbot (1615-1681)George Abbot (1587-1647)Elizabeth (c1595-1711)Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Abraham Adams (1639-1714)James Robert Adams (1602-1682)Eleanor Wilmot (1610-1677)Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts
John Adams (1714-1806)Francis Adams (1677-1758)Mary Buck (1684-1769)Kingston, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States
James Andrus (1835-1914)Milo Andrus (1814-1893)Abigail Jane Daley (1815-1894)Florence, Huron County, Ohio
Gerrit Appelman (1742-1809)Gerrit Appelman (1705-1781)Willempje Pieters (1714-1753)Hoogkarspel, North Holland, Netherlands
Vera Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga (1956-)Leonardo Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga (1904-1971)Maria delle Grazie Brandolini d'Adda (1923-2018)Rome, Italy
Harold Lester Ashworth I (1902-1991)Albert P. Ashworth (1872-1934)Luella Griffin (1877-1906)Westbrookville, Sullivan County, New York, United States
Mark Miguel John Baar (2017)Daniel Joseph Baar (1960)Carmen Dominique Ramirez (1966)San Francisco, California, United States
... further results

Familypedia people who died on this day

 FatherMotherDeath placeAge at death
Leila Adair (1897-1989)Jedediah Grant Adair (1859-1937)Florence Ellen Fowler (1860-1946)Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin
Abraham Adams (1639-1714)James Robert Adams (1602-1682)Eleanor Wilmot (1610-1677)Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
George Adamski (1925-1998)New York City, New York, United States
William Apps (1835-1911)William Apps (1813-1901)Philadelphia Foots (1813-1874)Young, New South Wales, Australia
Benedict Arnold (1741-1801)Benedict Arnold (1683-1761)Hannah Waterman (1708-1759)London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
William Newcomb Atwood (1821-1876)William Newcomb Atwood (1792-1849)Polly Ryder Bush (1795-1882)Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States
Jacob Averell (1702-1791)Nathaniel Averill (1664-1751)Sarah Howlett (1674-1729)Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States
Friedrich II. von Österreich (1211-1246)Leopold VI. von Österreich (1176-1230)Theodora Angelina (c1182-1246)
Harry Hinton Baglin (1866-1915)John Hinton Baglin (1827-1914)Charlotte Marks (c1827-1896)Nymphfield, Curlewis-street, Bondi, New South Wales, Australia
... further results

Familypedia people who were first married on this day

 FatherMotherJoined with-g1Wedding1 place
Malinda Jane Allred (1861-1945)James Tillmon Sanford Allred (1825-1905)Margaret Manwaring (1821-1888)Brigham Griffiths (1859-1937)Union, Salt Lake County, Utah
Lars Amundsson (1660-1735)Maria Eriksdotter (1670-1740)
Adam Arnold (1863-1941)Adam Arnold (1831-1895)Mary Music (c1835-1879)Martha Jane Sykes (1867-1942)Juniata County, Pennsylvania, United States
Henry Axtell (1641-1676)Thomas Axtell (1619-1645)Mary Rice (1619-1680)Hannah Merriam (1645-1680)Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Susan Antonia Bazley (1937)Anthony Gardner Bazley (1911-1937)Anne Hotham (1913)Peter Humphrey Alexander Van Oss (c1937)
Sarah Bigelow (1681-1713)Samuel Bigelow (1653-1730)Mary Flagg (1657-1720)Josiah Howe (1678-1766)Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
John Henry Black (1799-1867)John Black (1778-1802)Mary Hyde (c1779-1864)Louisa Skinner (1808-1874)Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Robert Capet (1216-1250)Louis VIII Capet (1187-1226)Blanca of Castile (1188-1252)Mathildis van Brabant (1224-1288)Compiègne, France
Joseph Young Card (1885-1956)Charles Ora Card (1839-1906)Zina Prescendia Young (1850-1931)Leona Bertha Ballantyne (1886-1971)Logan, Cache County, Utah, United States
... further results

Familypedia people who had their second wedding (or first after a liaison) on this day

 FatherMotherJoined with-g2Wedding2 place
Henry Bathurst, 2nd Earl Bathurst (1714-1794)Allen Bathurst, 1st Earl Bathurst (1684-1775)Catherine Apsley (c1688-1768)Tryphena Scawen (1730-1807)Maidwell, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom
Lucy Ann Decker (1822-1890)Isaac Decker (1799-1873)Harriet Page Wheeler (1803-1871)Brigham Young (1801-1877)Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, United States
Friedrich Wilhelm I. von Brandenburg (1620-1688)Georg Wilhelm von Brandenburg (1595-1640)Elisabeth Charlotte von der Pfalz (1597-1660)Dorothea Sophie von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1636-1689)Schloß Gröningen, Gröningen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
James Albert Hull (1878-1972)George Hull (c1849-)Sara Harris (c1850-)Bertha Lillian Cordell (1887-1962)Greene County, Ohio, United States
Thomas McIlwraith (1835-1900)John McIlwraith (1808-1885)Janet Hamilton Howat (1809-1886)Harriet Ann Mosman (1853-1929)"Eldernell", Hamilton, Queensland, Australia
Dorothea Sophie von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1636-1689)Philipp von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1584-1663)Sofie Hedwig von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1601-1660)Friedrich Wilhelm I. von Brandenburg (1620-1688)Gröningen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
George Sutherland (1855-1905)David Sutherland (1819-1900)Janet Henderson (1820-1885)Susannah Carter (1870-1946)Carter residence, Burying Ground Gully, Uralla, New South Wales, Australia
Margaret Sutherland (1859-1918)David Sutherland (1819-1900)Janet Henderson (1820-1885)John Jones (1859-1942)Walcha, New South Wales, Australia
Ernst II. von Mansfeld zu Vorder-Ort (1479-1531)Albrecht V. von Mansfeld zu Vorder-Ort (c1435-1484)Susanna von Bickenbach (c1450-1530)Dorothea zu Solms-Lich (1493-1578)
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