FamilySearch - - The LDS site self-described as "The largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world."

Family Tree at FamilysearchEdit

Existing trees and birth, marriage and death records have been compiled into Family Tree where the records can be strung together into standard genealogical trees, All trees can be merged into a forest by linking common people and merging data, similar to Geni. This requires a free account to be able to see information in trees and to be able to merge. The data has a feature where it suggests a common format for dates and locations.

How to record Familysearch as a sourceEdit

If the subject has an Ancestral File number ("AFN"), then saving it in the AFN field on the person form will automatically generate a link to the source page on familysearch.

FamilySearch pages may be linked to, but require a special procedure. Do not link to the page by simply copying the address line from your browser or you will have undesirable results. If the address ends with "/frameset_search.asp", then the address will not work for other users (or you after you have made an additional search). Instead, navigate back to the page from which you jumped to the desired page. Usually this is the search results page. Now hover your mouse over the link that went to the desired page and use "copy link" right menu option (in firefox, right click the link, and select "Copy Link location") to copy the real link page. Then use this http location in your {{cite web}}, <ref>, or on a form for your source reference entry.

Some contributors have taken screen shots of familysearch pages. (Example screen shot.) The advantage of this approach (which can be used for any site, and is probably advisable for personal sites) is that a record is preserved regardless of changes in the LDS site design. If such screenshots have purely tabular information, then copyright is not violated[1] Note that logos and graphics are copyrighted, so please omit those from such screenshots.


  1. ^ According to US copyright law, any tabular information such as phone directories, listings from databases and so on are not copyrightable (see wikipedia reference to caselaw here). However while US courts do not regard the work as copyrightable if significant effort was required in the compilation of the material, the EU courts do for some databases. Since wikia servers are in the US, only the US rule is relevant.

FamilySearch will make you log in from 13 December 2017Edit

Notice from LostCousins newsletter)

Summarizing: From that date, you will need to be registered and log in if you want to search their billions of records. It is free. More tips in the actual newsletter - which is also free.

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