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Eva Fickeisen

Vital statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Sex: Female

at Marietta, Ohio at age 93

Pedigree[edit | edit source]

Eva is the daughter of Abraham Fickeisen (1825-1895) and Margaret Mueller (1825-1904).

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Eva Noe was born in Wheeling, VA in 1857. Later that spring she came down the Ohio River with her father, mother, three sisters and one brother, where the family settled on a farm about 15 miles from Marietta, Ohio. She grew up in a German-speaking community, attended the Ludwig Church, and helped her mother to raise the remaining seven children to be born into the family.

Family life[edit | edit source]

When Eva was 25 she married Lou Noe and settled with him on a farm near Lubeck, WV. The couple had twin girls, Ella Nella and Nella Ella, and later Clara Ida. Nella died young, but Ella married Bill Moellendick and settled on a farm in Washington Bottom a few miles away. Lou had a terrible temper while the girls were growing, and he died at age 46 in 1904 while doing farm work. With this, Eva took Clara and went back to the family homestead in Washington County, Ohio.

When Clara married Frank Sullivan in 1912, they lived for a time at Frank's godparents, but a family fight drove them in town to Marietta, where Frank became a Teamster. This couple had one daughter, Ella Lorene Sullivan. Frank died in 1921. At sometime soon after that point, the family unit became the three women, Eva, her daughter Clara, and Clara's daughter Lorene. They lived on the edge of poverty in Marietta until Lorene married Fernand Andris in 1937. With that Eva and Clara's fortune merged with that of Fernand, for he always kept them, first in a rooming house on 4th Street. When Eva died in 1950, Clara came to live with Fernand and Lorene until she died in 1981.

Hobbies and interests[edit | edit source]

Eva liked to quilt and crochet, and did the latter into her 90s. She always had a garden, with touch-me-nots, blue morninglories and marigolds. In her younger days, she played the concertina.

Spiritual life[edit | edit source]

She was raised in the Ludwig Church (lutheran evangelical) and read to from the German Bible by her father.

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Sources[edit | edit source]

  • Conversations with Eva by her great grandson, Jim, until he was 11.
  • Conversations and interviews with Ella Lorene Sullivan Andris, her grand daughter.

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