Eustacius de Yerburgh was an Anglo Saxon war lord of the 11th century who was a descendant from an ancient house of Denmark. The ancestors of Eustacius emigrated to England circa 800 AD with the first of the Yerburgh line known as "Germund" (or in some texts "Gerundus").

Eustacius de Yerburgh is famous in genealogy circles as the founder of the House of Yarborough, situated in York County. The Yarborough House was (and still is) considered the 11th oldest noble house of England and is the origin of the titles of the Baron Deramore, Baron Alvingham, and the Baron Yarborough.

In the early 1600s, a descendant of the Yarborough House (possible known as Richard Yerburgh or Richard Yarborough) emigrated to Virginia thus bringing the Yarborough line to the future United States. Thus, nearly every person living in the U.S. today (who holds the name Yerburgh, Yarbrough, Yarbro, or Yarborough) is a descedent in some way of Eustacius de Yerburgh. Some African Americans with the Yarborough name are descended from slaves who belonged to southern members of the Yarborough family for the family was quite prominent in both Virginia and Tennessee.

The famous United States Army General William P. Yarborough is a descendant of Eustacius as is former United States Senator Ralph Yarborough and Nascar racer Cale Yarborough.

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