Eustace De Monte Alto

A man, commonly thought to be Eustace, in the court of Hugh Lupus.
Born ca.1027
Monthault, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France
Died 1112
Cheshire, England
Other names The Norman Hunter, Eustace The Norman, Eustace FitzNorman
Occupation Knight
Known for Fighting in The Battle of Hastings

Eustace De Monte Alto (or Monhaut) (ca. 1027-1112) was a Norman soldier, and later English baron, who fought on the side of the Normans in Norman Conquest of England in 1066, and was granted various estates for his achievements by the new King William The Conqueror.


Eustace De Monte Alto was born in the early to mid 11th century, in Monthault, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne to unknown parents. It has been numerously documented that Eustace's family were originally the "Lords of Monte Alto", in Italy. Eustace came to England during the reign of William I, under "Palatine Earl of Chester, the potent Hugh Lupus" either during or shortly after the Battle of Hastings. Due to his skill as a soldier, he was nicknamed "The Norman Hunter" by the English.

Shortly after Eustace's arrival, he united his forces with that of Hugh Lupus, subduing the Britons in the province of Flint, and sharing the lands he conquered with his ally. Among the lands Eustace conquered were the manors of Montalt and Hawarden, which were ruled by his descendants, the viscounts Hawarden and Barons of Montalt for several centuries. Eustace died in the early 12th century in Cheshire. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Hugh De Monte Alto.