Elizabeth Singleton
Sex: Female
Birth: ca 1748 [1]
Death: 1829
Father: Richard Singleton (1726)
Mother: Sarah Gayle (1723)
Spouse/Partner: Robert Bradford (1739)

Elizabeth Singleton

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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Richard Bradford (1739) and Elizabeth Singleton (c1748)
Susan Bradford (1765)
1765 Pennsylvania/
Salisbury, Rowan, NC
1856 Georgia
Matthew Bradford (c1781) ca 1781 South Carolina 1846
Richard Bradford (c1783) ca 1783 South Carolina July 1815 Sumter District,SC
Eliza Bradford (c1783) ca 1783 South Carolina July 1837 Sumter District,SC
Sarah Bradford (c1785) ca 1785 South Carolina
Robert Bradford (c1779) ca 1779 South Carolina 12 Nov 1849
Mary Bradford (c1787) ca 1787 Jun 1805 Sumter District,SC

Parentage[edit | edit source]

  • Some sources give Elizabeth's birth state as PA, others state she came from Caroline Co, VA[1]. Familysearch has a hit from that location, the daughter of Isaac Singleton.
  • ANC Tree for Carden family (duplicates at txleelee, [2] has Elizabeth as born 1748 died 1830. Married to Richard Bradford. Daughter of parents listing only Mary Bradford.
    • mother Sarah Gayle 1723-1798
      • Her father Ambrose Gayle
      • Disambiguation/Confusion alert: A Sarah gayle in the Virginia census on 1783, her residence was Kingston Parish, Gloucester County VA.[2]
        • This Sarah's married name is Sarah James though- see children of this Sarah at- [3]
        • His father Josiah Gale
    • Father Robert Singleton 1726-1800,
      • his mother "Mary"
      • his father C Singleton 1704-1778
        • His father Henry J Singleton 1620-1680
        • His mother Susan Ann Newman 1630-1680

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Date from newsgroup mail sent by <TED> @ astrodawg. See copy at Talk:Sarah Gayle (1723)
  2. ^ Sarah Gayle's location: Virginia Census, 1607-1890, Census for 1783, page 53.
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