Elizabeth Reynor Southworth was born circa 1618 in Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands and died after 1669 Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States of unspecified causes. She married Thomas Southworth (1617-1669) 1 September 1641 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States.

Research Notes

The possibility that she was the daughter of the Rev. John Reyner was disproved in 1872 on chronological grounds.778, p 325

REYNER. -- Baylies's New Plymouth says (vol. ii, p. 65), that Capt. Southworth married “his cousin Elizabeth Reyner, daughter of Rev. John Reyner.” Plymouth Colony Records give the date, viz., Sept. 1, 1641, but does not give her parentage. Mr. Whitmore, in his invaluable notes, Register, vol. xi. etc., evidently considers the “cousin”-ship imaginary. What is the proof that this Elizabeth Rener was the daughter of Rev. John? Is it anything more than an inference from the fact that Rev. John was then pastor there? On the other hand, -- Rev. John Reyner graduated at Emanuel in 1625. If he had a daughter marriageable in 1641, she must have been born before he left college, which is hardly probable. Further, she must have been a daughter by his first wife, for he married his second wife in Boston, and necessarily after 1635. It is barely possible that Rev. John had a daughter born early enough to marry in 1641. If he had, and if she died soon after marriage, there was enough time to have another Elizabeth. But, if so, she was born before he left college; she married nineteen years before either her brother or sister by the same mother; and she left a child living when Rev. John made his will, to whom he makes no allusion whatever. I think we must look elsewhere for the parentage of Elizabeth Reyner who married Thomas Southworth.779

From the enclosed you can see that the identity of Elizabeth Reyner/Reynor has been open to question since at least 1872. In the one Southworth published genealogy that the Library has, you can see that someone has written in “sister” of Rev. John Reyner. Unfortunately, this person did not put in a helpful reference.780,740, p 33


Offspring of Thomas Southworth and Elizabeth Reynor (1618-1708)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Southworth (1647-) 1644 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts March 1717 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Joseph Howland (1640-1704)



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