Elizabeth Bemis Bigelow was born 23 October 1687 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to Ephraim Bemis (1656-1738) and Elizabeth Bond (1658-1712) and died 11 January 1734 Weston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. She married Jonathan Bigelow (1679-1745) 11 June 1702 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Research Notes

It is believed that Elizabeth is the daughter of Ephraim Bemis and Elizabeth of Watertown. She and her 3 sisters were all baptized at the same time with their mother Elizabeth, so while I am not sure of the birth order, this Elizabeth was listed first in the baptismal record, so I am listing her first as well. Her birthdate below is a guess based solely on birth order and the known ages of two of her sisters when they were all baptized.

There is a marriage record for Elizabeth Bemis and Jonathan Bigelo in Watertown vital records: Bemis, Elizabeth, and Jonathan Biglo, June 11, 1702.

There are also two children listed in Watertown vital records:

  1. Bigelow, Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Elizebeth (Bemis), Jan. 11, 1707.
  2. Bigelow, Benjamin, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Bemis), Dec. 8, 1709.

The town of Weston was originally established as the West Precinct of Watertown in 1698. The town was separately incorporated as the town of Weston in 1713, and I think that this family's address changed as a result. The following can be found online in Weston vital records (a compilation of city and church records):

  1. Biggelow, Benjamin, s. Jonathan and Elisab, bp. June 25, 1710. CRW
  2. Biggelow, Elisabeth, d. Jonathan and Elisabeth, Aug. 9, 1713.
  3. Biggelow, Elisabeth, d. Jonathan and Elisabeth, bp. Aug. 16, 1713.
  4. Bigalo, Sarah, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, July 26, 1719.
  5. Biggelow, Sarah, d. Jonathan and Elisabeth, bp. Jan. 31, 1719. CRW
  6. Biglo, James, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, May 17, 1722.
  7. Biggelow, James, s. Jonathan and Elisabeth, bp. June 2, 1723. CRW

Her death is listed in Weston vital records:

  1. Biglo, Elizabeth, w. Jonathan, Jan. 11, 1733-4.

After her death, it looks like her husband remarried. The following is in Weston vital records:

  1. Bigalow, Jonathan, and Mary Rice, of Sudbury, Jan. 19, 1741-2.


Offspring of Jonathan Bigelow and Elizabeth Bemis (1681-1734)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jonathan Bigelow (1707-1771)
Benjamin Bigelow (1709-1771)
Elizabeth Bigelow (1713-)
Sarah Bigelow (1719-1738)
James Bigelow (1722-) 17 May 1722 Weston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States Sarah Bigelow (c1725-)



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