Edward Bates was born 4 September 1793 in Belmont, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, United States to Thomas Fleming Bates (1741-1805) and Caroline Matilda Woodson (1751-1845) and died 25 March 1869 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, United States of unspecified causes. He married Julia Davenport Coalter (1807-1880) 1823 .


Marriage and Family[]

Bates married Julia Coalter from South Carolina. They had 17 children together. She had come to St. Louis to visit her brother David Coalter and her sister Caroline J. Coalter, who married Hamilton R. Gamble (another attorney and Unionist), who ultimately became chief justice of the Missouri Supreme Court.

Bates was, for the most part, happy with his large family.

  1. His oldest son, Barton Bates, served on the Supreme Court of Missouri during the war.
  2. His son John C. Bates served in the US Army and later became Army Chief of Staff.
  3. During the Civil War, his son Fleming Bates fought with the Confederates, under the command of General Sterling Price. This caused tension between the father and the son, and Bates rarely mentioned Fleming in his war-time diary.
  4. The youngest son, Charles, was still at West Point during the war.


Offspring of Edward Bates and Julia Davenport Coalter (1807-1880)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Joshua Barton Bates (1824-1892)
Holmes Conrad Bates (1826-1827)
Nancy Coalter Bates (1827-1872)
Barton Bates (1829-)
Fanny Means Bates (1829-1830)
Nancy Bates (1831-1875)
Maria Fleming Bates (1831-1832)
Julian Bates (1833-1902)
Fleming Bates (1834-1871)
Richard Bates (1835-1879)
Edward bates (1838-1846)
John Coalter Bates (1839-)
Matilda Bates (1840-1920)
Kora Wharton Bates (1841-1842)
John Coalter Bates (1842-1919)
Matilda Bates (1843-)
Charles Woodson Bates (1844-1893)
Benjamin Edward Bates (1847-1848)
Catherine Harper Bates (1850-1850)
Julia Bates (1852-1854)
David Coalter Bates (1856-1858)