Saint Edith of Polesworth was born circa 896 in England to Edward the Elder (c870-924) and Ecgwynn (c875-) . She married Sitric Cáech (c890-927) 926 JL . Alfred the Great (849-899)/s.

Marriage and Family

Sitric married an unnamed daughter of Edward the Elder (c870-924) in 926. Historians generally describe her as Æthelstan's only full sister, but Maggie Bailey points out that this rests on the late testimony of William of Malmesbury, and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle makes no such distinction when recording her marriage to Sitric. William did not know her name, but traditions first recorded at Bury in the early twelfth century identify her as Saint Edith of Polesworth. The truth of his identification is debated, but regardless of her name but it is likely that she entered a nunnery in widowhood. According to some late sources, such as the chronicler John of Wallingford, Amlaíb Cuarán was the son of Sitric and this West Saxon princess.

House of Wessex

Golden Wyvern of Wessex

She was of the royal English dynasty called House of Wessex, a family originating in the southwest corner of England and gradually increased in power and prestiege. The House became rulers of all the country with the reign of Alfred the Great in 871 and lasting until Edmund Ironside in 1016. This period of the English monarchy is known as the Saxon period.


Offspring of Saint Edith of Polesworth and Sitric Cáech (c890-927)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Amlaíb Cuarán (927-)




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