Ebenezer Goddard was born 17 January 1713 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts to Edward Goddard (1675-1754) and Susannah Stone (1675-1754) and died 22 November 1762 Framington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Sybil Brigham (1718-1807) 1730 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.


Family Lore shares the following stories about Ebenezer Goddard:

Ebenezer heard "that dear servant of God, Mr. George Whitefield preach in Framingham and signed a 'New Light' petition against the town established minister." New Light represented revivalist type preaching of the gospel.

Ebenezer became involved with a conflict with Nat Smith, a wealthy and reclusive neighbor. A widow had asked Goddard to administer her estate, which lay on the outskirts of Smith's property. When Goddard refused to cede control of the estate to Smith, "Old Nat" "told him he should rue the day." A series of unnatural incidents followed but after much fasting and prayer the curse on their home was lifted.


Offspring of Ebenezer Goddard and Sybil Brigham (1718-1807)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Abigail Goddard (1737-1759)
Martha Goddard (1739-1771)
Sybill Goddard (1740-1818)
Susannah Goddard (1742-1837) 25 September 1742 Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 5 January 1837 Hopkington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Phineas Howe (1735-1807)
Mary Goddard (1744-1773)
Sophia Goddard (1746-1847)
Betsy Goddard (1748-)
Esther Goddard (1751-1778)
Benjamin Goddard (1755-1771)
Edward Goddard (1759-1844)
Samuel Goddard (1759-1846)
Abigail Goddard (1761-1855)



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