Duff of Scotland, King of Scotland, was born on an unknown date to Malcolm I of Scotland (bef900-954) and died circa 967 of unspecified causes.


Offspring of Duff of Scotland and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Malcolm, King of Strathclyde (-c990)
Kenneth III of Scotland (-1005)
MacDuff, Earl of Fife (c940-)


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Malcolm, King of Strathclyde (-c990)+Kenneth III of Scotland (-1005)+MacDuff, Earl of Fife (c940-) +
0967 JL +
See also http://www.kittybrewster.com/anceSee also http://www.kittybrewster.com/ancestry/duff2.htm, which shows him as the father of King Kenneth III and of Macduff, Earl of Fife, ancestor of (among others) the Duff families and UK Prime Minister David Cameron. However, Baldwin in the Henry Project (noted below) says "He is said to be the ancestor of Clan MacDuff, which is quite plausible, but not directly documented."e plausible, but not directly documented." +
Duff of Scotland +
http://sbaldw.home.mindspring.com/hprojecthttp://sbaldw.home.mindspring.com/hproject/prov/malco000.htm - calls him "Dub mac Máel Coluim" and says he reigned from about 962 till his death in 966 or 967.</br>*http://www.thepeerage.com/p10290.htm#i102893</br>*http://www.genealogics.org/getperson.php?personID=I00022622&tree=LEO/getperson.php?personID=I00022622&tree=LEO +
Mac Máel Coluim +
King of Scotland +