Donald Ockenfels was born circa May 1919 in Murray County, Minnesota, United States to Rose Anna Ockenfels (1898-1922) and died after April 1920 of unspecified causes.


Although he is listed as a 'son' in the 1920 census, Donald was actually a grandson to Peter and Adelheid. Family history say that he was born to Rose, who never married and died young. She gave birth after the father left for the military and never came back. It is unclear whether he died or simply never returned to her, since both Rose and her son died in the early 1920's of tuberculosis. Her death record shows her death at the Sanatorium in Nobles county. His birth and death records have not been found. It is possible they were filed under the fathers last name...which we do not know.


Footnotes (including sources)

Ω Birth
  • 1920 census


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