Dmitri Karijotaitis was born circa 1340 to Karijotas (c1307-c1361) and died circa 1399 of unspecified causes.

Very little is known about Dmitri Karijotaitis (or Dmitri Koriatovich). The passage for 1356 of the "Rogozhsky chronicle" (Рогожский летописец) states that "The same summer, the great prince Ivan gave his daughter to Karijotas' son in Lithuania"[1]. A later " Nikon Chronicle "at this point says that the Grand Duke Ivan II gave his daughter " in Lithuania to Karijotas' son, grandson Gediminas" [2]. N. Karamzin on the basis of an unknown source reports that at this time the Grand Duke Ivan II married one of his daughters to Dmitri Koriatovich, nephew of Algirdas [3].

However, the genealogy of the noble families of Moscow Volyn indicates that the Grand Prince Dmitri Ivanovich Donskoy (son of Ivan Ivanovich II) approved the marriage of Dmitri Bobrok with "his sister Princess Anne" [4]. Perhaps by comparing these reports a number of historians have assumed that the two princes - Dmitri Mikhailovich Bobrok and Dmitri Koriatovich were the same person[5]. This assumption is also supported by various Russian historians, in particular Pytr Nikolayevich Petrov[6], A. B. Ekzemplyarsky [7], G. V. Vernadsky[8], B. Kuchkin [9][10]. It is also supported by the identification of Polish historians [11].

However, a number of modern Russian historians doubt the correctness of this identification. So according to A. Kuzmina, who analyzed in detail the sources for the biography of Dmitri Mikhailovich Bobrok of Volhynia, reached the conclusion that Dmitri Bobrok and Dmitri Koriatovich are different persons [12] It is possible that Dmitri was one of the elder the sons of Karijotas - according to Kuzmin in favor of that conclusion earlier date of marriage. It is also possible that, unlike other sons Dmitri Koriatovich and his brother Lev were not landowners, neither in Lithuania nor in White Russia. It is possible that they were vassals Kejstuta[5] .

The "Nikon Chronicle" states that Dmitri and Lev Koriatovich are among the princes who died in the [Battle of the Vorskla River (1399)|Battle of the Vorskla River]] on August 12, 1399[13], although in other chronicles list only Lev among the princes who died in that battle[14][15][16][17].. Dmitri Karijotaitis was killed in the Battle of the Vorskla River


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