Dirk I bis van Holland, Count of Holland, was born circa 899 to Dirk I van Holland (c874-c923) and died circa 939 of unspecified causes. He married Gerberga van Hamaland (c890-c940) .

Little is known about Dirk, and historians have often confused him with his father and son.


Offspring of Dirk I bis van Holland and Gerberga van Hamaland (c890-c940)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Dirk II van Holland (930-988) 930 6 May 988 Hildegard of Flanders (935-990)
Wichman IV van Hamaland (c935-974) 935 974 Luitgard of Flanders (941-964)

Preceded by
Dirk I
Count of Frisia west of the Vlie
Succeeded by
Dirk II

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