Demiko Dzyban (c1882-aft1930), a.k.a. Danny Dzyban

Daniel Dzyban Draft

World War I Draft registration


Demiko was born February 6, 1884, in Poland. Immigration records indicate that his home in Poland was Zdynia, in Galicia. Demiko is believed to have been the son of Piotr Dzyban (c1860-aft1894).


Demiko immigrated on 30 Dec 1902 to the United States. His passenger information transcribed on is as follows:

  • First Name: Domko
  • Last Name: Dsyban
  • Ethnicity: Hungarian, Slovenian
  • Last Place of Residence:
  • Date of Arrival: Dec 30, 1902
  • Age at Arrival: 18y Gender: M Marital Status: S
  • Ship of Travel: Belgravia
  • Port of Departure: Hamburg
  • Manifest Line Number: 0018

1910 CensusEdit

Demiko appeared on the census of 1910 in the household of Kerry Kopcza (?-?) at Essex Street, Jersey City, Hudson, NJ, USA.

Second ImmigrationEdit

Demiko Passed through Ellis Island on 10 Jul 1911 for a second time. He must have made a trip back to Poland, perhaps to marry. His passenger information transcribed on is as follows:

  • First Name: Demko
  • Last Name: Dzyban
  • Ethnicity: Austria, Russian
  • Last Place of Residence: Zdynia, Austria
  • Date of Arrival: Jul 10, 1911
  • Age at Arrival: 27y Gender: M Marital Status: M
  • Ship of Travel: Lapland
  • Port of Departure: Antwerp
  • Manifest Line Number: 0003

Marriage to Julia LiszinskiEdit

Demiko married Julia Lisczinski (1884-aft1975), daughter of Anthony Liszinski (?-?) and Martha Korcych (?-?), before 1911.

Children by Julia LiszinskiEdit

Residence in 1912Edit

He lived in 1912 at Walnut Street, Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA.

1920 CensusEdit

He appeared on the census of 1920 at Hillsborough Twp., Somerset, NJ, USA.

1930 CensusEdit

He appeared on the census of 1930 at Manville, Somerset, NJ, USA. He died after 1930.