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December 31 is the 365th day of the year (366th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 0 days remaining until the end of the year.

It is the final day of the Gregorian year. The day following is January 1 of the next year.




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86 Familypedia people were born on December 31

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Elizabeth Abbott (1721-1782)John Abbott (-)Elizabeth Birege (-)
Robert Grant Aitken (1864-1951)Robert Aitken (1826-1895)Wilhelmina Depinau (1833-1888)
Sybil Amidon (1783-1863)Samuel Amidon (1742-1819)Ruth Wood (1745-1831)
Mary Helen Anstruther (1839-1912)Philip Anstruther (1802-1862)Mary Frances Stewart-Mackenzie (1819-1913)
James George Arbuthnot (1883-1964)Samuel B. Arbuthnot (1848-1889)Sallie Kelley (c1848-)
Isaac Ball (1747-1809)Isaac Ball (1710-1789)Rachel Howe (1710-1779)
Lemuel Bangs (1739-1824)Joseph Bangs (1713-c1757)Thankful Hamlin (1715-1768)
Elsie Evelyn Lillian Barber (1906-1964)Thomas George Barber (1886-1968)Phoebe Matilda Perry (1887-1972)
Edwin John Barnes (1876-1955)Elephteria Barnes (1845-1916)Rosetta Warren Commins (1849-1932)
Walter Josiah Beatie (1849-1928)Hampton Signey Beatie (1826-1887)Marion Thankful Mumford (1831-1904)
Abigail Bedford (1690-)John BedfordMary Rowbery (1655-)
Sarah Jane Beirdneau (1850-1926)Nehemiah Wood Beirdneau (1824-1901)America Ann Steele (1826-1908)
George Blanch (1815-1893)Edward Blanch (c1787-1860)Maria B Ashdown (c1789-1837)
Clara Bloomer (1870-1925)
John Blundell (1877-1954)Charles Blundell (1837-bef1909)Ellen Amelia Moore (1837-)
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99 Familypedia people died on December 31

 FatherMotherAge at death
Jedediah Grant Adair (1859-1937)George Washington Adair (1818-1897)Miriam Jane Billingsley (1829-1912)78
Marcia Allen (1804-1866)Gideon Allen (1774-1861)Rachel Hand (1777-1863)
Edward Gayer Andrews (1825-1907)George Andrews (1793-1873)Polly Walker (1797-1886)82
Ina Jane Ashton (1886-1977)Edward Treharne Ashton (1855-1923)Cora May Lindsay (1864-1960)
Persis Atherton (1820-1906)Samuel Atherton (1782-1861)Molly Brown (1784-1835)
Leopold V. von Österreich (1177-1194)Heinrich II. von Österreich (1107-1177)Theodora Komnene (c1134-1184)37
Thomas Samuel Best (1822-1893)Thomas Best (1799-1874)Mary Beckett (1800-1857)71
Thomas Bingham (1824-1889)Erastus Bingham (1798-1882)Lucinda Gates (1797-1874)65
Humphrey de Bohun, 3rd Earl of Hereford (c1249-1298)Humphrey de Bohun (-1265)Eleanor de Braose (1226-1251)49
Elizabeth Bradstreet (1712-1751)Simon Bradstreet (1682-1738)Elizabeth Capen (1691-1781)39
Johannes Brieffies (1831-1902)Cornelis Briefjes (-)Geertruida Straatemans (-)
Joan Burroughs (1908-1972)Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)Emma Centennia Hulbert (1876-1944)
Catarina de Bragança (1638-1705)John IV of Portugal (1604-1656)Luisa de Guzmán (1613-1666)67
Marguerite d'Anjou et Maine (1274-1299)Charles II of Naples (1254-1309)Maria of Hungary (c1257-1325)26
Frances Cecil (1633-1652)David Cecil, 3rd Earl of Exeter (c1604-1643)Elizabeth Egerton (bef1612-1688)19
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86 Familypedia people were first married on December 31

 FatherMotherJoined with
Mary Abell (1680-1751)Benjamin Abell (1650-1699)Hannah Baldwin (1654-1717)Joseph Tracy (1682-1765)
Permelia Jane Adair (1837-1883)Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889)Jemima Catherina Mangum (1809-1848)John R Holden (1828-) + Charles Decatur Searle (1836-1909)
Harriet Ahrens (1860-1903)Heinrich Ahrens (c1815-1891)Sophia Fischer (c1826-1886)Michael Lahey (c1850-1927)
Mary Alden (1709-1789)Benjamin Alden (1681-1741)Hannah Brewster (1688-1763)John Wadsworth (1706-1799)
Mary Adaline Allred (1844-1914)William Moore Allred (1819-1901)Orissa Angela Bates (1823-1878)Mosiah Works Booth (1838-1903)
Christina Sophia Atherley (1873-1941)Daniel John Atherley (1829-1908)Ida Amalie Ljungberg (1843-1919)Hans Christian Hansen (1860-1948) + William Mads Christian Hansen (1865-1932)
Albert Edward Atkins (1877-1965)Joseph Albert Atkins (1846-1931)Jane Mary Cox (c1846-1941)Emily Redman (1884-1909)+Ellen Griffin (1887-1973)
James Barnes (1767-1835)William Barnes (1744-1806)Hannah Andrews (1738-1818)Mary Hill (1765-1840)
Thomas Ascott Bassett (1844-1916)John Bassett (bef1844-)Anne unknown (bef1844-)Caroline Amelia Beaumont (1845-1895)+Matilda Wrixon Large (1855-1933)
Maria Halle Berry (1966)Jerome Jesse Berry (1934-2003)Judith Ann Hawkins (1935)David Christopher Justice (1966) + Eric Benét Jordan (1966) + Gabriel Aubry (1976)+Olivier Martinez (1966)
Alexander Birrell (1852-1925)John Birrell (1821-1874)Catherine Cummins (1832-1882)Sarah Baily (c1852-c1935)
Mosiah Works Booth (1838-1903)Lorenzo Dow Booth (1807-1847)Parthenia Works (1811-1893)Mary Adaline Allred (1844-1914) + Ambrosine Hibbert (1857-1922)
Sarah Bowerman (1838-1906)William T Thomas (1797)Mary Ann Partridge (1797-1877)William Sonter (1836-1921)
Albert Brown (1807-1902)James Brown (1771-1855)Mary Griffin (1774-1815)Sarah Campbell (1816-1882) + Minnie Ann Cook (1820-)
Andrew Brown (1810-1851)Andrew Brown (1781-1859)Isabella Moodie (1784-1835)Margaret Gilmour (1814-1865)
... further results
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