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December 22 is the 356th day of the year (357th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 9 days remaining until the end of the year.

This is the most common day for winter to begin in the northern hemisphere and summer to begin in the southern hemisphere




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100 Familypedia people were born on December 22

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Samuel Alden (1688-1781)David Alden (1645-1719)Mary Southworth (c1650-1719)
Stillborn Allerton (1620-1620)Isaac Allerton (1586-1658)Mary Norris (1588-1621)
Gary Duncan Allsopp (1962)Lawrence Roy Allsopp (1939)Mavis Hollingsworth (c1939)
Stephen Arnold (1622-1699)William Arnold (1587-1676)Christian Peake (1583-1659)
John Bagley (1710-1782)John Bagley (1685-1727)Hannah Fowler (1692-1759)
John Baker (1783-1848)Joseph Baker (1755-1850)Lavina Keyes (1765-1859)
Thomas Bardolf, 5th Baron Bardolf (1369-1408)William Bardolf, 4th Baron Bardolf (1349-1386)Agnes Poynings (1350-1403)
Topham Beauclerk (1739-1780)Sidney Beauclerk (1703-1744)Mary Norris (-1766)
Marijtje Beers (1773-1852)Hendrik Beers (-)Jannetje van den Berg (-)
Thomas Bowles (1576-1635)Benjamin BolleAnne Goodrich (1550-1587)
Thomas Bond (1655-1704)William Bond (1625-1695)Sarah Biscoe (1626-1693)
Thomas Bowden (1857-1911)Thomas Bowden (1824-1914)Hannah Wattus (1831-1905)
Maartje Braakman (1812-1903)Jacob Braakman (1773-1825)Sijtje Laan (1775-1853)
Sabriana Brigham (1770-1799)Antipas Brigham (1740-1791)Catherine Woods (1733-)
Carlo II di Parma (1799-1883)Louis I of Etruria (1773-1803)Maria Luisa de España (1782-1824)
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113 Familypedia people died on December 22

 FatherMotherAge at death
George Edwin Adams (1823-1897)74
Joseph Alden (1668-1747)Joseph Alden (1627-1696)Mary Simmons (1638-1697)79
Stillborn Allerton (1620-1620)Isaac Allerton (1586-1658)Mary Norris (1588-1621)
Catherine Amory (1769-1831)John Amory (1728-1803)Katharine Greene (1731-1778)62
Calvert Brooks Andrus (1910-1992)Alexander Burto Andrus (1875-1949)Rosilla Brooks (1883-1967)82
Bernard Beals Atkins (1896-1976)Arthur Eber Atkins (1874-1950)Effie Beals (1876-1922)80
Ebenezer Averill (1669-1717)William Averill (1626-1691)Hannah Jackson (1646-1727)48
Melvin Russell Ballard (1897-1982)Melvin Joseph Ballard (1873-1939)Martha Annabelle Jones (1873-1952)
Lillis Ballou (1805-1897)Seth Ballou (1772-1860)Sophia Batton Anderson (1776-1830)
Ruth Ann Banks (1812-1867)
James Barnett (1812-1894)William Barnett (1772-1836)Elizabeth Fouch (1769-1838)
John Bassingthwaighte (1832-1893)Edward Bassingthwaighte (1791-1857)Susanna Wright (1798-1874)61
John Benjamin (1620-1706)John Benjamin (1585-1645)Abigail Eddy (c1601-1687)86
George Bowerman (1791-1820)Jonathon Bowerman (1734-1800)Martha Alder (1749-1834)29
Sadonia Mary Brown (1896-1986)Elias Brown (1854-1908)Mehetabel Crago (1860-1914)90
... further results

100 Familypedia people were first married on December 22

 FatherMotherJoined with
Needham Jasper Alford (1860-1907)Henderson Alford (1829-1863)Frances Sibley (1843-1900)Nancy Isobella Collins (1865-1894)+Lucy Margaret Collins (1856-)
Robert George Arbuthnot (1843-1890)Archibald Francis Arbuthnot (1805-1879)Gertrude Sophia Gough (1816-1882)(Helen) Mary Muir (1862-1926)
Orlando Bagley (1658-1727)Orlando Bagley (1623-1663)Sarah Colby (1634-1663)Sarah Sargent (1651-1701)+ Sarah Annis (1666-1729)
Richard Bagot (1782-1854)William Bagot, 1st Baron Bagot (1729-1798)Elizabeth Louisa St. John (c1744-1820)Harriet Villiers (1788-1870)
Martha Jane Bankston (1888-1966)George Theodore Bankston (1854-1942)Rebecca Millie PurvisFleet Eugene Smith (1888-1971)
Samuel Bartlett (1696-1759)Joseph Bartlett (1665-1703)Lydia Griswold (1671-1752)Elizabeth Lathrop (1705-1745) + Elizabeth Lathrop (1725-1759)
Emily Sussanah Barton (1841-1917)Robert Johnston Barton (1809-1863)Emily Mary Darvall (1817-1909)John Paterson (1831-1871)
John Logan Black (1830-1902)James Augustus Black (1793-1848)Elizabeth Sarah Logan (1801-1845)Mary Peay Black (1833-1881) + Eugenia Talley Jenkins (1851-1937)
Mary Peay Black (1833-1881)John Logan Black (1830-1902)
Anna Brenneman (1851-1882)George Hamilton Robinette (1844-1914)
Martha Stewart Bulloch (1835-1884)James Stephens Bulloch (1793-1849)Martha Stewart (1799-1862)Theodore Roosevelt (1831-1879)
Charles Frederick Coffin (1794-1873)Alpheus Coffin (1767-1847)Lovey Pitts (1770-1854)Mary Folsom (1792-1867)
William Davis Colby (1742-1795)Isaac Colby (1712-1785)Sarah Davis (1714-1755)Elizabeth Straw (1752-1840)
Charlotte Sylvia Cox (c1889-1966)Richard Cox (1860-1912)Charlotte Lambkin (1865-1948)Alfred Henry S Playford (1886-1919)+William George Frederick Playford (1877-1947)
Mary Elizabeth Cummins (1826-)Charles Cummins (1800-1880)Sarah Miller (1800-1871)Samuel Harrison Swinney (c1823-)
... further results
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