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December 10 is the 344th day of the year (345th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 21 days remaining until the end of the year.





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105 Familypedia people were born on December 10

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Joseph Johnson Alger (1853-1932)Thomas Hancock Alger (1828-1862)Sarah Ann Edwards (1832-1903)
Daniel Appleton (1785-1849)Daniel Appleton (1751-1828)Lydia Ela (1747-1826)
William Apps (1861-1941)Reuben Apps (1837-1898)Mary Elizabeth Foots (1837-1873)
James Ballou (1723-1812)James Ballou (1684-1764)Catherine Arnold (1690-1776)
Mary Bemis (1624-1695)Joseph Bemis (1582-1628)Anne Spray (1593-1628)
Harriet Unicombe Bennett (1849-1891)Henry Tapus Bennett (1814-1876)Mary Unicomb (1830-1877)
Margaret Bettell (1843-1899)James Bettell (1807-1866)Ann Minney (c1804-)
Elizabeth Biffin (1844-1924)Thomas Biffin (c1792-1853)Grace Goodfellow (1803-1853)
Norman Claridge Blunt (1886-1957)Frederick Lynch Blunt (1848-1898)Mary Richey (1850-1940)
Ada Blanche Boxsell (1880-1935)Joseph John Boxsell (1844-1907)Mary Ann Souter (1846-1891)
William Broad Boyton (1891-1947)Charles Boyton (1861-1925)Emily Elizabeth Linsell (1867-1928)
Dirk Braakman (1859-1936)Jacob Braakman (1829-1915)Grietje Fit (1829-1889)
William Brooker (1796-1885)Mary Wade (1777-1859)
Julius Brunswik (1863-c1940)Romeo Hugo Brunswik von Korompa (1832-1889)Rosalie Ungard (1838-c1895)
James William Burris (1855-1902)William Addison Burris (1835)Flora Lavonia Magee (1838-1924)
... further results

89 Familypedia people died on December 10

 FatherMotherAge at death
Thomas Adgate (1669-1760)Thomas Adgate (c1620-1707)Mary Marvin (c1628-1713)91
George Matthaus Andreas Ambrose (1866-1941)George Ambrose (1843-1934)Maria Schmitt (1844-1910)75
Warin Archdeacon (1355-1400)John ArchdeaconCicely Haccombe
Alice Maude Betts (1889-1974)Henry Betts (1860-1949)Ursula Mary Hunt (1865-1896)
William Bigelow (1764-1807)Ivory Bigelow (1741-1804)Sophia Bannister (1747-1830)43
William Walter Boxsell (1899-1956)Joseph Arthur Boxsell (1871-1916)Janet Chilcott (1882-1966)57
Thomas Brain (1815-1854)George Brain (1790-1823)Sarah Gray (1789-1826)
Jovan Branković (c1445-1502)Stefan Branković (c1417‑1476)Angelina Arianites (c1440-1520)
Sarah Ann Bray (1845-1926)Thomas Bray (1821-1893)Sarah Ann Landeryou (1826-1885)81
Thomas Bruce, 2nd Earl of Ailesbury (1655-1741)Robert Bruce, 1st Earl of Ailesbury (1626-1685)Diane Grey (c1629-1689)86
Alexander Cameron (1824-1907)James Cameron (1792-1864)Catherine Cameron (1802-1872)83
Ewen Cameron (1841-1908)William Cameron (1806-)Catherine Cameron (1809-)67
Mary Champion (1651-1732)Henry Champion (1610-1708)Sarah Bennett (1626-1697)81
Phyllis Rosina Charman (1921-1998)Henry Albert Charman (1896-1965)Lottie Rosina Osborne (1900-1984)77
Wolfgang Chotek von Chotkov and Vojnín (1860-1926)Bohuslav Chotek of Chotkov and Vojnín (1829-1896)Wilhelmine Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau (1838-1886)66
... further results

105 Familypedia people were first married on December 10

 FatherMotherJoined with
Johnathan Alden (1633-1697)John Alden (c1599-1687)Priscilla Mullins (1602-1680)Abigail Hallett (1644-1725)
Symon Maartensz Bakker (1761-1812)Maarten Dirksz Bakker (1727-1790)Trijntje Louris Been (1726-1791)Catharina Jans Hoogerwerf (1763-)
Jonathan Belden (1660-1734)John Belden (1631-1677)Lydia Standish (1640-1679)Mary Wright (1664-1741)
Elizabeth Ann Birch (1823-1899)John Birch (1775-1852)Ann Craven (1778-1846)Arnold Potter (1804-1872) + Francis Brown (1827-1872)
Samuel Blogget (c1633-1687)Thomas Blogget (c1605-1642)Susanna Unknown (c1598-1662)Ruth Iggleden (1632-1703)
John Boyle (1803-1874)Edmund Boyle, 8th Earl of Cork (1767-1856)Isabella Henrietta Poyntz (-1843)Cecilia FitzGerald-de Ros (1811-1869)
Asa Brigham (1788-1844)Lewis Brigham (1756-1803)Mary Rice (1767-1797)Elizabeth Swift Babcock (1790-1833) + Ann Johnson Mathers (c1790-)
Agatha Bryant (1712-1746)Jonathon Bryant (1677-1715)Deborah Barstow (1681-1778)Oliver Winslow (1702-1750)
Gideon Buckman (1821-1898)James Buckman (1770-1844)Susannah Price (1780-1848)Margaret Gardner (1821-1871)+Ann Hogan (1848-1917)
Reynolds Cahoon (1790-1861)William Cahoon (1765-1828)Mehitable Hodges (1765-1809)Thirza Stiles (1789-1866) + Lucina Roberts (1806-1861) + Mary Hildrath (1806-1886)
George Quayle Cannon (1827-1901)George Cannon (1794-1844)Ann Quayle (1798-1842)Elizabeth Hoagland (1833-) + Sarah Jane Jenne (1839-1928) + Eliza La Mercha Tenney (1845-1908) + Martha Telle (1846-1928) + Emily Hoagland (1837-1906) + Caroline Partridge Young (1851-1903) + Sarah Ann Compton (1838-1869) + Hannah Lester (1811-1877)
William Linton Clarke (1950)Edward Clarke (1892-1960)Jeanie Ferguson Linton (1910-1986)Susan Rachel Cooke ()
Abner Coffin (1702-1802)Stephen Coffin (1665-1725)Sarah Atkinson (1665-1724)Mary Rawlins (1697-1797)
Edward Meredith Combs (1907-1985)Halbert Calwell Combs (1878-1959)Lula Josephine Lambert (1880-1975)Eudora Louise Fowlkes (1915-1957)
Gibson Condie (1814-1892)Gibson Condie (1774-1856)Jean Russell (1769-1841)Cecelia Sharp (1812-1892)
... further results
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