Cornelis Commandeur was born 29 August 1779 in Wervershoof, North Holland, Netherlands to Pieter Commandeur (1734-) and Geertje Roosendaal (1748-1818) and died 23 January 1849 in Wervershoof, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Sijtje Laan (1785-1847) 12 April 1807 in Wervershoof, North Holland, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.


Offspring of Cornelis Pietersz Commandeur and Sijtje Laan (1785-1847)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Pieter Commandeur (1808-bef1810)
Pieter Commandeur (1810-1826)
Ewoud Commandeur (1812-)
Geertje Commandeur (1814-1853)
Aagje Commandeur (c1816-1891)
Jan Commandeur (c1818-1844)
Dieuwertje Commandeur (1821-1884) 14 April 1821 Wervershoof, North Holland, Netherlands 5 July 1884 Venhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands Klaas Tol (1815-1859)

Cornelis Commandeur (c1824-1900)
Klaas Commandeur (c1825-1859)
Trijntje Commandeur (c1826-1881)
Pieter Commandeur (c1830-1896)

Namesakes of Cornelis Commandeur (1778-1849)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Cornelis Commandeur (1818-1903)Sint Maarten, North Holland, NetherlandsWogmeer, North Holland, NetherlandsJacob Commandeur (c1782-c1852)Trijntje Zwemmer (1787-1842)Trijntje van Diepen (1817-1901)
Cor Commandeur (1705-1799)Opmeer, North Holland, NetherlandsWadway, North Holland, NetherlandsPieter Reijers Commandeur (c1660-1717)Neeltje Claassen (c1780-1743)Aafje Jacobs + Antje van Kampen (1740-1795)
Cornelis Commandeur (1778-1849)Wervershoof, North Holland, NetherlandsWervershoof, North Holland, NetherlandsPieter Commandeur (1734-)Geertje Roosendaal (1748-1818)Sijtje Laan (1785-1847)

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