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Looking north on the Nepean River near Penrith; Cook County is on the left of the river; Cumberland is on the right

Cook County was one of the original Nineteen Counties in New South Wales and is now one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. It includes the area to the west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains, between the Colo River in the north, and the Coxs River in the south and west, encompassing Lithgow, Mount Victoria, Katoomba, Wentworth Falls, Lawson and most of the other towns in the Blue Mountains. The Nepean River is the border to the east. Before 1834, the area was part of the Westmoreland, Northumberland and Roxburgh counties.[1]

Cook County was named in honour of the navigator James Cook (1728-1779).[1] The Electoral district of Cook and Westmoreland was the first state electoral district for the area, between 1856 and 1859.

Parishes within this county[]

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Barton City of Lithgow 33°14′54″S 150°15′04″E / -33.24833, 150.25111 (Barton Parish)
Bilpin City of Hawkesbury 33°29′54″S 150°30′04″E / -33.49833, 150.50111 (Bilpin Parish)
Blackheath City of Blue Mountains 33°38′54″S 150°19′04″E / -33.64833, 150.31778 (Blackheath Parish)
Bowen City of Blue Mountains 33°25′54″S 150°30′04″E / -33.43167, 150.50111 (Bowen Parish)
Burralow City of Hawkesbury 33°33′54″S 150°35′04″E / -33.565, 150.58444 (Burralow Parish)
Capertee City of Lithgow 33°11′54″S 150°24′04″E / -33.19833, 150.40111 (Capertee Parish)
Clwydd City of Lithgow 33°29′54″S 150°17′04″E / -33.49833, 150.28444 (Clwydd Parish)
Colo City of Hawkesbury 33°25′54″S 150°46′04″E / -33.43167, 150.76778 (Colo Parish)
Cooba City of Blue Mountains 33°52′54″S 150°27′04″E / -33.88167, 150.45111 (Cooba Parish)
Cook City of Lithgow 33°17′46″S 150°13′42″E / -33.29611, 150.22833 (Cook Parish)
Coomassie City of Blue Mountains 33°38′54″S 150°34′04″E / -33.64833, 150.56778 (Coomassie Parish)
Cox City of Lithgow 33°19′54″S 150°05′04″E / -33.33167, 150.08444 (Cox Parish)
Currency City of Hawkesbury 33°32′54″S 150°45′04″E / -33.54833, 150.75111 (Currency Parish)
Falnash City of Lithgow 33°22′54″S 149°59′04″E / -33.38167, 149.98444 (Falnash Parish)
Gindantherie City of Lithgow 33°09′54″S 150°15′04″E / -33.165, 150.25111 (Gindantherie Parish)
Goollooinboin City of Lithgow 33°10′54″S 150°08′04″E / -33.18167, 150.13444 (Goollooinboin Parish)
Govett City of Lithgow 33°14′54″S 150°26′04″E / -33.24833, 150.43444 (Govett Parish)
Govett South City of Lithgow 33°17′54″S 150°23′04″E / -33.29833, 150.38444 (Govett South Parish)
Grose City of Blue Mountains 33°35′54″S 150°30′04″E / -33.59833, 150.50111 (Grose Parish)
Hartley City of Lithgow 33°33′54″S 150°14′04″E / -33.565, 150.23444 (Hartley Parish)
Irvine City of Hawkesbury 33°31′54″S 150°23′04″E / -33.53167, 150.38444 (Irvine Parish)
Jamison City of Blue Mountains 33°42′54″S 150°22′04″E / -33.715, 150.36778 (Jamison Parish)
Kanimbla City of Lithgow 33°39′54″S 150°13′04″E / -33.665, 150.21778 (Kanimbla Parish)
Kedumba City of Blue Mountains 33°49′54″S 150°22′04″E / -33.83167, 150.36778 (Kedumba Parish)
Kurrajong City of Hawkesbury 33°33′54″S 150°39′04″E / -33.565, 150.65111 (Kurrajong Parish)
Lett City of Lithgow 33°31′54″S 150°09′04″E / -33.53167, 150.15111 (Lett Parish)
Lidsdale City of Lithgow 33°27′54″S 150°02′04″E / -33.465, 150.03444 (Lidsdale Parish)
Linden City of Blue Mountains 33°44′54″S 150°28′04″E / -33.74833, 150.46778 (Linden Parish)
Magdala City of Blue Mountains 33°44′54″S 150°33′04″E / -33.74833, 150.55111 (Magdala Parish)
Marrangaroo City of Lithgow 33°25′54″S 150°10′04″E / -33.43167, 150.16778 (Marrangaroo Parish)
Meehan City of Hawkesbury 33°29′54″S 150°48′04″E / -33.49833, 150.80111 (Meehan Parish)
Megalong City of Blue Mountains 33°44′54″S 150°15′04″E / -33.74833, 150.25111 (Megalong Parish)
Merroo City of Hawkesbury 33°29′54″S 150°40′04″E / -33.49833, 150.66778 (Merroo Parish)
Mouin City of Blue Mountains 33°51′54″S 150°15′04″E / -33.865, 150.25111 (Mouin Parish)
Nepean City of Hawkesbury 33°38′54″S 150°38′04″E / -33.64833, 150.63444 (Nepean Parish)
Rock Hill City of Lithgow 33°22′35″S 150°18′24″E / -33.37639, 150.30667 (Rock Hill Parish)
Strathdon City of Penrith 33°44′54″S 150°38′04″E / -33.74833, 150.63444 (Strathdon Parish)
Warragamba City of Blue Mountains 33°50′54″S 150°32′04″E / -33.84833, 150.53444 (Warragamba Parish)
Wheeny City of Hawkesbury 33°29′54″S 150°35′04″E / -33.49833, 150.58444 (Wheeny Parish)
Wilberforce City of Hawkesbury 33°31′24″S 150°51′04″E / -33.52333, 150.85111 (Wilberforce Parish)
Wolgan City of Lithgow 33°14′54″S 150°10′04″E / -33.24833, 150.16778 (Wolgan Parish)
Wollangambe City of Lithgow 33°29′54″S 150°20′04″E / -33.49833, 150.33444 (Wollangambe Parish)
Wollangambe North City of Lithgow 33°21′24″S 150°24′04″E / -33.35667, 150.40111 (Wollangambe North Parish)
Wollemi City of Hawkesbury 33°14′54″S 150°30′04″E / -33.24833, 150.50111 (Wollemi Parish)
Woodford City of Blue Mountains 33°39′54″S 150°30′04″E / -33.665, 150.50111 (Woodford Parish)


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