Conrad Sieler was born circa 1827 in Germany and died 19 August 1913 Marulan, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Christina Smith (c1829-1905) .


Offspring of Conrad Sieler and Christina Smith (c1829-1905)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Ann Sieler (c1859-c1927)
Hannah Rebecca Sieler (c1861-c1923)
John William Sieler (c1862-1929) 1862 Marulan, New South Wales, Australia 17 November 1929 St. John of God Hospital, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia Charlotte Alice Taylor (1865-1951)
Frederick D Sieler (c1866-c1876)
Henry George Sieler (c1869-1948)
Catherine Christina Sieler (c1864-c1933)
Sarah Ann Sieler (c1871-c1947)
Albert Alfred Sieler (c1873-c1940)
Florence Amelia Sieler (c1875-c1962)


(From a Correspondent.)

Death of Mr. Conrad Sieler.—Death has removed from our midst one of the pioneers of the Marulan district in the person of Mr. Conrad Sieler. The deceased, who was 86 years of age, died on the 19th instant at the residence of his son, Mr. Harry Sieler, where he had been living since the death of his wife, which took place eight years ago. Mr. Sieler was a native of Germany, and arrived in New South Wales 60 years ago. Two years later he settled in the Marulan district, and followed farming and pastoral pursuits, in which he was fairly successful. Twenty-nine years ago the deceased had the misfortune to be crushed between a tree and a dray near Wingello. The injuries were of so severe a nature lthat he lost the power of speech, which he never regained. He leaves a family of three sons and five daughters, all of whom are married. Mr. Jno. Sieler, J.P., of this town, is the eldest son. The interment took plaoe ini the Church of England Cemetery, Old Marulan, on Thursday last. The funeral cortege was a lengthy one, twenty-seven vehicles and sereral horsemen following the hearse. The chief mourners were:—John, Harry, and Albert (sons), Mrs. Baldock (Ashfield), Mrs. H. Murray (Canyon Leigh), Mrs. B. T. Hogg (Sydney), Mrs. J. O'Brien (Stockinbingal), Mrs. Strutford (Ashfield), (daughters). The Rev. F. Richmond, of All Saints' Church of England, Marulan, officiated. The funeral atrangements were carried out by Mrs. Annie Kelly, Goulburn.

Goulburn Evening Penny Post, 28 August 1913, page 4 Edition: EVENING

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Conrad Sieler +
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