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Author(s)/Editor(s):Connelley, William E. (edit.)
Title:The Provisional Government Of Nebraska Territory And The Journals Of William Walker, Provisional Governor Of Nebraska Territory
Publisher:Proceedings And Collections of the Nebraska State Historical Society
Pagination:Second Series. Vol. 3
Electronic Source:NEGenWeb Project Resource Center On-Line Library
Commentary:From the Preface: "As to the historical value of the documents published herein I prefer to let them speak for themselves. That they supply a want in the history of Nebraska and Kansas which has been felt by all writers on the subject, will, I believe, be readily admitted. For some of them I searched unsuccessfully for fifteen years both in Wyandotte county, Kansas, and the Indian Territory.

As a large part of this work is devoted to the Journals of Governor William Walker a few words here in relation to them may not be amiss. Governor Walker did not write his Journals for publication. While be would never have objected to having them made public be never once thought of their becoming valuable historical documents and records. If he had, the record would have been written much more full and complete than it was. On the subject of preparing papers of this character for the press a very eminent authority says:

  • "It would seem to be an editor's privilege (if, indeed, it is not his duty) to correct verbal and grammatical mistakes or inaccuracies, in bringing forth the letters of a person after death, written without any design of publication; but, in doing this, great caution should be observed that the writer's meaning and purpose are not changed or affected."--C. W. Butterfield, in Preface to Washington-Irvine Letters.

Connelley collected considerable information on the Walker Family through letters, interviews and correspondance, but relatively little of it seems to be taken from Governor Walker's Journals. The Journals themselves are presented toward the end of the document. There are two of them, and are presented in "diary style". The first entry is:

  • Saturday, 29.--Caught Samuel Medary [Evidentally a rooster, named for one of William's political collegues]] and put him up in a coop to fatten (not on Quassi Quires) to be cooked for dinner on Harriet's birthday.

Citation: Connelley, William E. (edit.), 1899. The Provisional Government Of Nebraska Territory And The Journals Of William Walker, Provisional Governor Of Nebraska Territory. }} Background Notes

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