Extract of portion of letter from Andrew Finis Cowan to Miss Columbia Cowan June 7, 1906 The original is in possesion of James E. Freeman, Camas, WA A scanned image of the letter was submitted with my Margie Cowan's "First Families of Tennessee" application for John [Alexander] Cowan and William Cowan, and is available for inspection at the McLung Library, Knoxville TN.

In regard to the "romance part" my grandmother Cowan's (nee Walker) sister was carried of [sic] by the Indians to some of the Northern tribes, when she was quite small. I do not know whether it was Canada or not. She remained there until grown when she married the Chief's son. After the Indians settled on their reservations she came back to visit her folks. She had an Indian family and her son became Chief of the tribe. That is all of the connections that I ever knew of being carried off by Indians.

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