Chuen Yuklai (1930-)
Chuen Yuklai
Chuen Yuklai.jpg
Sex: Female
Birth: November 5, 1930 in Ban Grong Greng,
Phitsanulok, Thailand
Death: April, 2010
Phitsanulok, Thailand
Father: Chiang ?
Mother: Gong Yuklai (?-?)
Siblings: none (only child)
Spouse/Partner: Soem Ruasamran (c1931-1980)
Marriage: before 1951 in Nakhon Pa Mak,
Phitsanulok, Thailand
Children: Sak Ruasamran (c1951-)
Song Ruasamran (c1953-)
Chonticha Ruasamran (c1955-)
Wihan Ruasamran (c1958-)
Wichit Ruasamran (c1960-)
Wichian Ruasamran (c1963-)
Bunchoet Ruasamran (c1965-)
Bunchob Ruasamran (c1968-)
Bunchu Ruasamran (c1972-)
Nam Ruasamran (1974-1974)
Phitsanu Ruasamran (1974-)

Birth[edit | edit source]

Chuen was born November 5, 1930. She was given the surname of her mother.

Siblings[edit | edit source]

Chuen is an only child.

Spouse[edit | edit source]

Chuen married Soem Ruasamran (c1931-1980) prior to 1951 in Nakhon Pa Mak, Phitsanulok, Thailand.

Move to Ban Dong Phayom[edit | edit source]

Chuen and Soem moved from Ban Grong Greng to nearby Ban Dong Phayom around the year 1954.[1] At that time, Ban Dong Phayom was a small uncleared jungle settlement.[1] Soem cleared the land where the Ruasamran home and farm presently lie to make a rice farm.[1]

Children by Soem Ruasamran[edit | edit source]

Chuen and Soem had the following children together:[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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