Christopher Price (c1753-1833)
Christopher Price
Birth: circa 1753
Death: 1833
Father: Benjamin Price (c1733-bef1770)
Mother: Millicent Vaughn (c1734-1787)
Siblings: Mordecai Price (c1753-?)
Thomas Price (c1755-?)
John Price (c1755-?)
Edith Price (c1759-c1830)
Rachel Price (c1759-aft1767)
Benjamin Price II (c1761-?)
Melinda Price (c1766-?)
Gist Price (bef1775-?)
Spouse/Partner: Mary Hatfield (c1753-c1833)
Children: Thomas Price (1775-1856)
Melinda Price (1775-aft1796)
Benjamin Price (c1777-aft1819)
Rachel Price (1778-aft1808)
Mary Ann Price (c1781-aft1800)
Christopher Price II (c1782-aft1810)
Mordecai Price (c1787-1837)
Joshua Price (c1791-aft1813)
James Price (c1793-bef1813)
Elizabeth Price (1796-aft1815)
John Price (bef1800-?)

Parents[edit | edit source]

Namesake[edit | edit source]

Christopher was named for his mother's brother Christopher Vaughn.

Marriage to Mary Hatfield[edit | edit source]

Christopher married Mary Hatfield (c1753-c1833), daughter of John Hatfield (bef1738-?).

Children by Christopher Price[edit | edit source]

Christopher and Mary had the following children together:

Ancestors[edit | edit source]

For a list of the known ancestors of Christopher Price, click here.

References[edit | edit source]

Colonial Families of the United States[edit | edit source]

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