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Christoph Chappuzeau

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Chapuzeau, Chapiseau, Chapuseau and many others

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One of Samuels's sons was described by Constantijn Huygens in 1680 as “un garcon noireau avec des cheveux courts”, a dark boy with short hair. It is not clear which son this was, probably not Christoph as he was then 23.


Christoph was the son of Samuel Chappuzeau (1625-1701), who was a scholar, author, playwright and tutor, and Maria de la Serra(z) (c1629-1662).


See entry for Samuel Chappuzeau



Christoph had 18 children, who were educated at the expense of the Duke of Celle.


Little is known of his life


Christophe was Secretary to the Duke of Celle for many years


Many descendants known, in Germany and Chile. It is believed that all the Chappuzeaus in Germany today are descended from Albrecht Ludwig, Dr. med., Hofmedicus, later a royal doctor (königlicher großbrittannischer kurfürstlicher hannoverischer Leibmedicus - is this Royal British physician to the Elector of Hannover?)




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