Chauncey Harvey Cook Fullmer was born 26 November 1843 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois to John Solomon Fullmer (1807-1883) and Olive Amanda Smith (1825-1885) and died 27 June 1923 in Genola, Utah County, Utah of unspecified causes. He married Clarissa Curtis (1851-1915) 15 February 1869 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.


Birth / Childhood / Adoption

Chauncey Harvey Cook, son of Milton Cook and Olive Amanda Smith, was born in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, on November 26, 1843. Very little is known about his father, Milton, but his mother was the daughter of Hawley Decker Smith and Martha Allen and they lived in New York state where Olive Amanda was born.

When his mother Olive was about seventeen years old, she met a young man by the name of Milton Cook, who was a builder and contractor by trade, and they fell in love. Olive’s mother, Martha Allen, and her stepfather, David Henry Orser, refused to let her marry Milton because her stepfather wanted her to marry his son, Hyrum Orser, by a former marriage. Milton Cook and David Henry Orser were in the same trade and there was much competition and rivalry between them, which didn’t help matters any.

During a time when Olive’s parents were absent from their home on a visit to relatives and friends in New York, she went with her sweetheart, Milton, to another town, where they were secretly married. Several months later, when she discovered that she was going to become a mother, she put on her wedding ring, which she had kept hidden, and told her mother that she was married. Her mother and stepfather were very put out about her marriage and refused to let her see her husband. Her stepfather stopped all mail between Olive and her husband and they sent her away to stay with friends.

Soon after her son, Chauncey, was born, Olive went to Nauvoo, Illinois, thinking that she had been deserted by the man she loved because she had received no word from him. Milton did seek her out, and found her working at a hotel. He also found out that she was a member of the hated “Mormons”. As some people called them. She had joined the church and was baptized in 1842. Milton, with the help of his two sisters, tried to get Olive to give up her religion, but she refused so they separated, and she never heard from him again.

Some time after the separation of his parents, his mother, Olive, went to work for the family of John Solomon Fullmer (1807-1883). It was at the time of the birth of the fourth daughter born to John Solomon Fullmer and Mary Ann Price in May 1844. After working in the Fullmer home for about nine months, Olive was asked by Mary Ann Price Fullmer, if she would consider becoming the second wife of John S. Fullmer. Later when John Solomon Fullmer asked her to become his wife, she consented and they were sealed in the Nauvoo Temple on January 21, 1846.


Offspring of Chauncey Harvey Cook Fullmer and Clarissa Curtis (1851-1915)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Joseph Alma Cook (1871-1871)
Emma Cook (1872-1880)
Chauncey Harvey Cook (1874-1944) 5 December 1874 Provo, Utah County, Utah, United States 20 December 1944 American Fork, Utah County, Utah, United States Hannah Elsie Hansen Sonberg (1879-1969)

Amelia Cook (1877-1877)
Ray Curtis Cook (1878-1967)
Leroy Austin Cook (1881-1973)
Marion Enos Cook (1884-1915)
Bertha Cook (1886-1924)
Dora Cook (1888-1979)
Laura D Cook (1889-1976)
June Cook (1893-)
Junius F Cook (1893-1977)


Offspring of John Solomon Fullmer and Mary Ann Price (1815-1897)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Lavinia Elisabeth Fullmer (1838-1907)
Johanna Price Fullmer (1839-1913) 13 December 1839 Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee, United States 15 November 1913 Provo, Utah County, Utah, United States James Lawrence Bess (1832-1912)
Erastus Curtis (1828-1902)

Ann Adelaide Fullmer (1841-1899)
Mary Ann Frances Bates Fullmer (1844-1853)
John Solomon Fullmer (1846-1898)
William Price Fullmer (1849-1926)
Don Carlos Fullmer (1851-1925)
Samuel David Fullmer (1856-1921)

Offspring of John Solomon Fullmer and Olive Amanda Smith (1825-1885)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Chauncey Harvey Cook (1843-1923) 26 November 1843 Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois 27 June 1923 Genola, Utah County, Utah Clarissa Curtis (1851-1915)

Mary Ann Fullmer (1846-1925)
James Dickens Fullmer (1849-1909)
Joseph L Haywood Fullmer (1850-1864)
Charles Heber Fullmer (1852-)
Albert Heber Fullmer (1852-1890)
Olive Amanda Fullmer (1856-1941)
Van Osden Fullmer (1858-1931)
Edwin Solomon Fullmer (1860-1940)
Alonzo Smith Fullmer (1862-1936)
Alma L Fullmer (1864-1933)
Charlotta Julia Fullmer (1866-1945)

Offspring of John Solomon Fullmer and Sarah Ann Stevenson (1835-1901)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Martha Deseretta Fullmer (1857-1917)
John Charles Fullmer (1859-1938)
Caroline Lucy Fullmer (1860-1924)
Agnes Fullmer (1861-1904)
James Stevenson Fullmer (1863-1940)
Thomas Fullmer (1865-1926)
George Wallace Fullmer (1867-1924)
Franklin Stevenson Fullmer (1869-1943)
Theodore Fullmer (1871-1930)
Sarah Ann Fullmer (1873-1948)
Blanche Estelle Fullmer (1876-1943)
Leonard Ray Fullmer (1878-1949)


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