Charles Robert John Atkin Swan (1863-1923) was born in Sussex, England in 1863 and died in London, England in 1923 aged sixty.


Charles Robert John Atkin Swan (sometimes Atkin-Swan) was born in Cuckfield, Sussex, England. His parents were John Thomas Atkin Swan (c.1821-1901), an Irish curate and clergyman, and Ann Symes (c.1831-?), a gentlewoman. Ann came from Plymouth, Devon. John Atkin's spinster sister Martha lived with the family in England. Charles attended Oxford University and became a doctor of medicine.

In 1893 in Paddington, London Charles Atkin Swan married Mary Harriet Blunt (1866-1916), the daughter of solicitor Frederick Blunt (1839-1921).

In 1916 as a widower, Charles Atkin Swan married Florence (Veronica) Head. In 1923 Charles died aged sixty in London. His tomb is now a Grade II listed building.

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