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Date:Bef 1805

Date: 1839

partner: Sarah Chivers (Aug 1806 - 5 October 1839)
Marriage: 1821 St. Luke's Church, Liverpool, NSW 

Marriage Events::

Notes:   Charles Raven arrived in Australia aboard the convict ship 'Admiral Gambier' in 1811. He married Sarah Jenkins (nee Chivers) in 1821 after Sarah's first husband William Jenkins was killed at Parramatta in 1814. Charles and Sarah had two children: Susannah (1820- ?- born at Cowpastures, Camden NSW) and Charles (1823- ?). Susannah's birth was not registered. In 1823 Charles was convicted of stealing a cow and sentenced to death, which was later commuted to transportation to Port Macquarie. They moved to Bathurst around 1827/ 1828 with Sarah's eldest daughter Elizabeth and her husband William Golsby. On the 5th of October 1839, Sarah and Charles were drowned while attempting to cross the Vale Creek during a storm on their way to the residence of their son-in-law, Mr George Blackman, Susannah's husband, at Gorman's Hill, near Bathurst, NSW.

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